6 awkward sex moments we've all experienced

Don't even pretend you can't relate.

Sex is awesome. It can also be pretty weird, I mean think about it. I mean really think about it. We get naked with someone, making out and rolling around for awhile and then we get off and it's all over.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying sex isn't great. It is, but man there are some weird parts.

Here are six awkward sex situations we've all been in.

The awkwardness that is undressing.

When you're in the middle of a hot and heavy makeout session and you're all over each other, getting to the next part can be tricky. They make it look so effortless in the movies but in real life its very unsexy.

Trying to get your pants off while your legs are wrapped around your boyfriend can be a process but we all just ignore it because.... who wants to acknowledge that?

Or when you're trying to undo his belt buckle while simultaneously kissing his neck? Momentary is it may be, that sh*t is uncomfortable.

When you get lockjaw.

Giving your man 'a hand', if you get my drift, takes a long time. Like, a reallllly long time.

Don't get me wrong, it can be pretty hot knowing you're in complete control of your partner’s pleasure. But after a while, having your mouth open that wide begins to make your jaw stiffen and you're just ready to move on to the big show.

The awkward moment when neither of you is into it anymore.

It all started off so well! You were both in the mood and ready to get it on. But somewhere along the way you either lost the rhythm or mentally checked out and now you're just not feeling it anymore.

And you can't just say, "Sorry babe, I don't really want to do it anymore, could we just go to sleep instead?” because that would be really insulting, right?

So you both just kind of go through the motions and hope the other person doesn't notice.


Awkward noises.

If you've ever had sex, you'll know exactly how awkward it can be when your body makes funny, strange or just downright embarrassing noises.

Hopefully you're lucky enough to have a wonderful and understanding partner who you can just laugh it off with.

When you just can't get in the mood.

Try as you might, sometimes your brain just doesn't want to connect with your bits down there.

Your brain wants it; there's a hot, sexy (very naked) guy in front of you and of course you want to have sex with him but your body is just like, "Girl, no."

It's downright infuriating and then you feel terrible because you don't want your partner to feel inadequate but we all know that's not the case. Sometimes your body has a mind entirely of its own and that's just life.

When you realise you aren't going to 'get there'.

Even when you're really turned on, sometimes the big O just isn't going to happen. Whether you're over thinking it or your body just isn't cooperating, not everyone climaxes every time (especially us ladies).

Suddenly you're lying on your back thinking, "Would it be rude if I just asked him to stop?”


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