5 ways to hook the guy you have a major crush on

Get the guy you want, the way you want.

Gone are the days of waiting for the guy to make the first move. Ladies, there’s no time like the present to show off your confidence and catch the attention of the cute guy you’ve had your eye on. Follow these five tips and snag your ideal #bae!

Cut the chat short

Don’t let a conversation drag out beyond its life span just because you don’t want to stop talking. Whether it’s in person, on the phone or via text, once the conversation starts to dwindle, cut it off. Don’t let him associate you with that time he had to struggle to keep thinking of things to say. Leave it on a high note and you’ll leave him wanting more. He’ll be eager to talk next time!

Don’t be clingy

If he says he can’t make it to group drinks, don’t pout and insist he come. If you’re at the same social gathering, don’t hover around him all night. Have your own fun, and stop in for a chat now and again – you don’t want him to think you’re not interested; you just don’t want to become his shadow!

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Enjoy your independence

If he asks where you’d like to eat, suggest a place. Name a movie. Cheerfully go off to drinks even when he says he isn’t going. Guys don’t want or need to call all the shots, so show you can make decisions and enjoy yourself without his help and he’ll appreciate your self-assuredness.

Perfect the art of flirting

We all know flirting is where the sparks really fly. Get your flirting game on point, though. Hanging off his arm and laughing at his every word is overkill, and can come off as fake. Be cool, laugh, make your own jokes – act as though you’re hanging with your girlfriends, but with more lip-biting.



Sounds obvious but use every opportunity to make him feel connected to you. When everyone in a group is laughing, make eye contact with him as you laugh and he’ll instantly associate you with that good feeling. Glance up from a convo across the room and give him a quick smile, holding his gaze for a second. You’ll be on his mind even when you aren’t there.

Go forth and slay, girls! It’s our time to be the confident, fun women we know we are and catch those guys’ attention. The power is ours. #slaymamaslay

Words: Hanna Sloan