5 thoughts everyone has when a BFF finds love

What you're thinking when your BFF finds the one

You’re a package deal. You’ve basically been joined at the hip since you met, and she’s your true soulmate. You’ve seen each other ugly cry and you make each other laugh harder than anyone else can. You have a Snap streak based on embarrassing selfies. She’s your absolute best friend in the world…and now she’s found love. You’re going to have some conflicting emotions. These are the 5 thoughts everyone has when their bestie finds love.

Of course she’s found love, she’s so loveable.

You’re thrilled! She’s the greatest person ever and now she has someone to shower her in affection. Your heart bursts with joy when you see they’ve made it social media official and you even think their lame couple-y Instagram posts are cute.

He’d better treat her right!

Your mama bear instincts kick in whenever a man comes sniffing around, and now that one has nabbed her you are on red alert. If he hurts her, he’ll have you to answer to. You know it, she knows it, and you make sure he knows it. Chances are he's terrified of you.

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Aww. I kinda wish I had that.

If you’re single, chances are you’ll be a little envious, and if you’re in a long term relationship, you might find yourself feeling nostalgic for the butterflies of the early days. It’s natural to be a little jealous when your BFF has found someone.

What about me?

Her life is suddenly a whirlwind of dates and flowers and cute texts, and sometimes your jogging date is cancelled in favour of something a little more romantic. You can start feeling a little abandoned, especially if you haven’t seen her in a while. Try to cut her some slack – this is an exciting time. Gently remind her that you need some love too, and remember that when the initial honeymoon period settles, she’ll have an easier time balancing love and bestie love.


He’ll never love her like I do.

You’ve known her since her awkward braces stage, and he’s just getting to know her. You guys have years of anecdotes, inside jokes and memories that reduce you to tears of laughter. You’ll help him out where you can, but you can’t help feeling a little superior – after all, you’ll always be her first love.

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Words: Hanna Sloan