5 thoughts every woman has when making a life altering decision

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Every decision we make results in a consequence... either good or bad. The choices we make have ripple effects which could stagnate our flow or build us up for success.

If it’s a poor choice, the aftermath could be treacherous. It could lead us to a cobweb of lies, a pit of pain or the harsh reality that we fell onto the path of destruction.

The recovery state from this isn’t always as simple as putting on a Band-Aid and letting the body heal. Sometimes the result is infectious and the healing time is a journey of pushing forward regardless of the difficulty.

Though being a fighter and never giving up is the motto of today’s society, the reality of mending the heart isn't warm and fuzzy - it's usually cold and dark. What if we don’t feel strong enough to push forward? What if it’s too overwhelming and we struggle to embrace empowerment. What if we’re so far into the deep that any form of emotional freedom feels near impossible?

Often there is at least one fiercely dark moment that each individual faces. The rollercoaster ride of ups and downs is paramount in life's journey. We can’t ignore the process that pain is our teacher to growth.

But what if we didn’t need to make so many mistakes? What if it could be easier but we aren’t in tune with our real calling? Have we been ignoring our gut instincts all this time? Are we too clouded with unnecessary noise and distractions that what we want and what we need causes blurred vision?

Here are 5 thoughts every woman should consider before she makes a life altering decision.

How does it benefit me?
Is this situation making you a better person? Does it benefit your personal life, career, or family situation?

What do I really want?
How does this situation fit in with your life plan? Is it complimenting your goals or is it taking you somewhere else?

Does this impact anyone negatively?
How would the people who love you feel about this decision? Would they be supportive? Does it affect them in a positive or negative manner?

Am I people pleasing?
Ultimately, are you making this decision for yourself or for someone else?

Does this make me happy?
Is this a logical or emotional decision? In the long run will you be happy with the decision?

No one can forecast the future, but sometimes a leap of faith pays off and sometimes it doesn’t. Ultimately, your destiny is in your own hands. Try being honest with yourself about what you want.

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations." - Anonymous