5 Things we want men to know about dating a #girlboss

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Dating is damn hard! Between your dedication to your job, keeping up with friends and making time for yourself, it can be a difficult task to find the one that perfectly complements you. Dating is even harder when you are an ‘alpha female’...

Alpha female: a confident, ambitious, strong-willed woman.

When it comes to men and their issues, they are often intimated by our confidence and no-nonsense attitudes, but now and then a keeper comes along who likes the way you take control of every situation.

If you want me earn me

For the sake of every independent woman out there trying to find the yin to her yang, here are 5 things we want men to know about dating a #girlboss:

1. We actually like when you take charge

That whole “but what would YOU like to eat/do/see" thing does not excite us, in fact, it’s just irritating. We need a man who moves at our pace, someone who is not afraid to take control. So don't hesitate to book a restaurant of your own choice and pick the movie.

2. We want to see you stand your ground

Don’t be a push over. Yeah, we like to think we’re always right but we need someone who challenges our opinions and calls us out on our bullsh*t when necessary. Being able to have arguments and work through them is the basis of any healthy relationship... plus the make-up sex is always fantastic!

3. We need our space but that doesn’t mean we aren’t into you

We have worked hard to be where we are in life and we won’t be putting that all aside for you. Rather than texting us every minute we’re apart, which btw comes across as super needy, give us the space we need. It will only have us more interested and excited to see you again.

4. Patience is a virtue

We will be the first to admit that we can at times be hot-headed and react without thinking things through. Hey, no one is perfect! We look for qualities in a significant other that will balance out our flaws. Therefore your calm nature will balance out our, at times, irrational reactions.

5. Change things up and take the lead when it comes to the bedroom

We love being in control of all aspects of our lives but honestly, it can be exhausting! Surprise us in the bedroom by taking charge.

Words: Frances van Eeden