Things guys wish you'd stop worrying about

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Every guy has his insecurities as do we women. But sometimes when we bring those uncertainties into the bedroom it can be a total mood killer. Now is the perfect time to embrace your beauty – you’re gorgeous and he finds you so damn sexy. So stop killing the buzz with your worries and harness your inner sex goddess. You’ll be surprised how channeling those positive thoughts can alter your pleasure under the sheets. Wink, wink.

Stop apologising in bed

Don’t worry if your boobs aren’t big enough or your legs don’t go that far back. Your body is beautiful and he thinks so too. Stop saying sorry. It’s an adventure of exploration and you will be surprised at the things you actually can do and enjoy if you stop fretting.

Stop being super self conscious

We’re women and cellulite, bumps, bruises, scars, birthmarks are a real thing – hey that’s what makes us who we are. We’re unique and each person is going to have imperfections and flaws. But the sexiest thing a woman can do in bed is stop stressing about what she was given. This is you – embrace it baby and drive him wild with your confidence.


Stop freaking out about the faces you make

Hey, simply put – when it’s that good, you have zero control. If you squint, clench your teeth or eye roll – it’s all in the name of ecstasy. If he is giving you those uncontrollable feels - then he's going to love it and so should you.

Stop getting weird about weird noises

We all know about those weird noises that happen during sex. It’s the human body and it’s life. Laugh it off, ignore or and embrace it. Don’t apologise or feel embarrassed. Stay in the moment and keep going. Love making is beautiful – noises and all.

Stop over-thinking your movements

Don’t be an actor - this is not a porno. Just be you. Get into it when you’re ready. Sometimes we’re quiet and sometimes we can’t help but to be loud. Don’t put on a show or be scared to embrace who you are. Fearlessly unleash your sexy side and watch him loose control.