5 Obsessive things women need to stop doing to guys

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I'm not afraid to call it how it is...

5 Obsessive things women need to stop doing to guys

As women we are vulnerable yet beautiful human beings who somehow always over complicate relationships. There is no denial that we find ourselves making excuses for his shortcomings (take it how you will) and continue to complicate the realities.

BUT, what happens when we have no choice but to wake up and face the truth? The moment we decide to take a long look at ourselves and re-evaluate the desperately, clingy woman we somehow became?

Remember how only a few weeks ago you were this independent #girlboss who ran the world like your own version of Queen Bey? Then you meet this guy, your feelings kick in and somehow you quickly became this emotionally messy mush of romance. Now, I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with the uncontrollable emotions of love (lust) but we need to at least experience it with a backbone.

So ladies here's 5 obsessive things we do to guys that needs to seriously stop.

Obsessing about when he is going to call, DM, text or Snapchat you.
The waiting game is the hardest. Is he going to call? When is he going to text? Ahh, he opened your Snapchat but never responded!

Does this sound familiar? We have all fallen victim to being impatient but we can't let this run our lives. Try and keep your wits about you and continue with life - if he wants you, you'll hear from him.

Obsessing about 'your' status.
Are we officially dating yet or is this a casual fling? Does this relationship have potential and is it going anywhere? Warning: Those questions will do your head in. Don't try and figure it out on your own. Why not sit down with him and have a light-hearted (or serious) discussion about what 'this' really is? And if he can't handle it and hold a mature conversation around the topic, then there's your answer.

Obsessing over every detail of your last conversation.
Stop dissecting each word he said and inventing a new meaning behind every sentence. Quit thinking that his mannerisms are implying something else. Remember, guys are simple and usually what they mean - they mean.

Obsessively stalking every single friend, family member, mutual connection and ex-girlfriend he has on social media.
Yes, hunny .... put down the phone. It's time to practice self-control. Say no to those highly addictive late night scrolls on his Facebook feed. It's only going to mess with your head and get you hypothetically stressed out.

Obsessing about why he didn't commit.
You would think this would be the deal breaker but our mind chooses to convince us otherwise. Believe it or not, but we're addicted to the chase and we always want what we can't have. It's where the heartbreak, longing and desperation starts to swallow us up. But the goal is to stop yourself. I know it's scary to face the truth of being alone, but your moment with him was short lived. It's time to close the door, move on in your own way and start to focus on repairing the beautiful woman that you are.

Of course every relationship is different, but sometimes we obsess a little too much. Next time things become an emotional whirlwind of chaos - take a deep breath, stand up straight and remember that ultimately you are in control.