48 Thoughts you have during a bad first date

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So let's have a laugh together and relate to the 48 thoughts we've all had during the slow meltdown of bad first date.

Ahhh, dating. The good, the bad and the plain ugly. If you've recently been disappointed by your less than exciting date, then know you're not the only one.

We've all been there, once, twice or maybe twenty times. It's a total bummer when it happens because we tend to build up the hype of our potential love interest but when it comes crashing down, it often feels like a total waste of time.

So let's have a laugh together and relate to the 48 thoughts we've all had during the slow meltdown of bad first date.

1. I was excited to be here but this has quickly turned into a total buzz kill.

2. What a waste of an outfit.

3. I’m so glad I didn’t pay for a blowdry.

4. Well, at least this manicure will look fabulous at the Monday morning office meeting.

5. I’m hungry.

6. I know we're eating but this would taste so much better if I was eating it alone.

7. What’s his name again?

8. Oh he likes dogs, so do I. Yay, one thing in common.

9. Why does he keep rambling?

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10. Try and stay tuned in.

*Starts thinking about icecream.

11. I need to put my washing on.

12. I can’t wait to watch Netflix when I get home.

13. I should buy DonutTime after this.

14. Nah, I’ll just order it from UberEats when I do a bathroom exit.

15. Did he just ask me a question?!

16. Look interested.

*Awkward pause.

17. Nod, giggle and smile. Works every single time.

18. I wonder if I have something stuck in my teeth?

19. Look at that cute couple over there, they look so happy.

20. We could be them, but you keep talking about your job and I keep thinking about doughnuts.

21. I wonder if he thinks I’m pretty?

22. Could he be on Tinder?

23. I’m on Tinder! I wonder if he has seen me on there.

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24. I should message that other Tinder guy who asked me out last week.

25. Just because this date is doomed doesn’t mean I can’t have fun.

26. I hate dating.

27. Dating sucks.

28. I'm going to be single for the rest of my life.

29. I’m exhausted.

30. Are there any good men left in this city?

31. I need to move to another country.

32. I wonder if he finds me interesting?

33. Oh, wait. Maybe not because he keeps talking about himself.

34. He’s so into himself like I’m into Chanel.

35. Maybe we could connect on some type of a level?


36. Did he just pick his nose!

37. Ewwwwwww!

*Waiter approaches with dessert menu

38. Please don’t order dessert because I really want DonutTime.

39. How can I get out of this?

40. I need an exit plan.

41. Should I say I’m tired?

42. My dog died?

43. Period pains?

44. Sh*t. I’ve got nothing.

45. Is he asking me a question again?

46. Smile, giggle and nod. REPEAT another 5 times.

47. Time for the bill! Yay! I never thought I could be so excited to see that receipt.

48. Come at me oversized t-shirt, no makeup, doughnuts, red wine and Netflix!