40 thoughts a woman has when an ex sends you a random text

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Just when you think your doing great, life is fab and no man can ever hold your heart or your feelings, a text bomb hits your phone. The one who got away sends you an unexpected message and you suddenly realize that an emotionally-charged experience is heading in your direction. No matter how many walls you build, we are curious by nature and shortly a flood of feelings and thoughts overtake you, leaving nothing but confusion in its wake.

It doesn't matter who broke the relationship off, but what does matters is he thought about you and made that public first. And this has you thinking, "have you won in the secret game of love and war?"

So on that note, here are 40 thoughts every woman has when her ex sends her a random text:

  1. Why am I hearing from you?
  2. I was doing fine without you.
  3. Are we ready to just be friends?
  4. It's been a while since I got some, could this be a sign?
  5. No this can't be a sign. Who am I kidding?
  6. But my horoscope did say that an old love interest would pop up this month.
  7. Does he want to get back together?
  8. No, surely that can't be the case?
  9. What if he has a girlfriend?
  10. What if he just got dumped?
  11. Is he using me?
  12. I'm sure he misses me.
  13. Wait, do I miss him?
  14. No, no I do not miss him.
  15. I'm still single because I'm waiting for someone amazing.
  16. OK back on track, what am I going to do?
  17. You know what, this is exhausting I'm just going to avoid this whole situation.
  18. No I can't do that, then I'll look like I still have feelings or come across like a b#tch.
  19. I need ice cream.
  20. I need a date.
  21. Where are my girlfriends?
  22. Everyone is busy.
  23. I'll settle for SATC re-runs and pizza.
  24. Surely he just wanted to say hi.
  25. Why am I hyperventilating?
  26. I don't have feelings anymore so this shouldn't phase me.
  27. I'm not phased. I'm just shocked.
  28. He shouldn't be able to just message me like that.
  29. I could be busy right now or with my non-existent boyfriend.
  30. I know we ended our relationship like three years ago.
  31. This is still weird.
  32. I'm going to Facebook stalk him.
  33. I'm sure I'll find out why he had the sudden urge to text me.
  34. He's obviously still thinking about me.
  35. But I don't care anymore.
  36. I'm amazing.
  37. My life is fabulous.
  38. I can't even.
  39. I'll deal with this tomorrow.
  40. Time to order pizza.