4 truths about the pain of a fling fantasy

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Yup, you read the title right. A 'fling fantasy', because at the end of the day isn't that what it is? There's a little something here on the side, there's no pressure, it's all based on convenience and no one has any expectations other than the present.

But that's why it's a silent killer, the ghost in the night, the emptiness that leaves you questioning 'what if'. When you're in the middle of a fling nothing really matters until you're forced into a reality of being alone. He has moved on, found someone else to fling around with or moves to another state like it's no big deal. Then you're dropped on the pavement of reality, your hearts somehow shattered into a million-and-one pieces and you awake to an overwhelming array of emotions which resembles a broken heart.

You think to yourself, WTF, I never saw this coming! How did he weave himself into my life and leave an emptiness behind?

But that's the problem, he filled you (in more ways than one) and now there's a void.

Even if the time you spent together was brief, those moments were glorious and unforgettable. And that thought alone is what brings us to the four truths about the pain of a fling fantasy:

He's your legal high

You're bored of mediocre sex, over dating other guys, looking to experiment without the judgment and hoping to find some form of fulfillment in someone else's arms. That's where he steps in and becomes your high. Like any addiction, they start somewhere and slowly creep up on you taking over your life. Well, he has done just that and you were never prepared for it. Now it's time to face the withdrawals.

He released your inner sex goddess

At the beginning there was no pressure. You both could explore, experience and become whoever you wanted be in the bedroom. It was freeing, sexy and oh-so satisfying. You've found your perfect lover for behind closed doors, his wild side matched yours and that is whats left you gutted.

He's the first one to reject you unofficially

At least when you're in a relationship, you (hopefully) know when's the right time to let your guard down. Unfortunately, because this was an unofficial situation, he has only seen the perfect parts of you. So when the fling-ends the-fling it's seriously the worst feeling in the world. REJECTION in the most ugliest form. How could only the pretty and pleasant parts of you that were on show, be the very part of you that he turns away?

Your left with the 2 famous words: WHAT IF

What if, what if, what if. Those two words circle around your head for what feels like eternity. There's no closure, there's only questions. So you can't help but to wonder if you did this, or said that, or gave him more or less would it change the outcome? Was any of it even real? Did he feel what you felt?

And there's no way to ever know the truth.

The passion, the fun, the effortlessness of it all had you wrapped in a moment. So there's no need to panic about the pain. If you felt something for him then own that in your heart. Find your own kind of closure.

After all, flings are meant to be fun right?