Thoughts women have when they start dating again

So, you've nabbed the attention of the opposite sex and now you're about to go through the many emotions of finding out how to date in the present.

So, you've nabbed the attention of the opposite sex and now you're about to go through the many emotions of finding out how to date in the present.

It's not your first time on the merry-go-round, but it sure as hell doesn't feel the same.

Here are the 34 thoughts women have when they start dating, again. 

1. Cheers! Men still find me attractive.

2. I haven’t done this in a while. Sh*t...

3. What do I say? What do I do? Or worse, what do I wear?

4. Does he call first or do I?

5. When should I text him?

6. Look! He just sent me a message.

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7. He has suggested we do dinner and drinks.

8. I know it's just a message, but I'm pretty sure he's the one. I can feel the connection through his thumb-typed words. I'm on the way to being a wifey!

9. Hold up. I need to calm down and breathe. He would probably freak out if he knew I was already planning our future.

10. I’ll simply text back. "Great. See you at 7:30pm. I can't wait."

11. I have 8 hours to maintain my current mess of neglect.

12. I'll start with waxing. My nether regions are unpleasantly overgrown. Hey, it's been a while, don't judge.


13. I'm not doing it for him. I want to feel like there isn't a cushy forest in between my thighs.

14. No, I’m not planning on sleeping with him. (am I?)

15. Eyebrows need to be on fleek, my crusty feet need a pedicure. My dry locks need a treatment and I should put on a face mask. 

16. I didn't realise I had so much hair on my body? These legs though...

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17. I don't have any clothes. My wardrobe has somehow become home to oversized tops and leggings.

18. Gym? Nah. But I’ll skip dessert. That will help.

19.Wait, this little black dress at the back of my wardrobe with a deep v looks perfect.

*Tries it on

20. Oh god! I’m not 18 anymore!

21. This flouncy pink top and tiered circle skirt could be cute. OMG did I die or something? What the hell is this concoction?

22. I found it! My fail safe red number – demure, sexy and age appropriate.

23. Girl, I’m ready to slay.


24. Except I have zero, I repeat zero lingerie. I have underwear, but it's not saying take me off. It's stretchy, saggy and hella-comfortable. I'd look like I have a baggy mess under my dress.

25. I need something that isn't a g-string. A Brazilian cut sounds better.

26. Again, he won't see them. (Repeats another 3 times)

27. I'm simply going for a lingerie look that says 'Hey baby' rather than 'Hello grandma'. (Get my drift)

28. Getting back to this whole dating thing. Do I kiss him on the first date?

29. Dating has changed so much since, well, I was last on the dating scene.

30. I’m so nervous.

31. What if he doesn’t like me?

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*Starts writing down all the topics I shouldn’t bring up.

*Phone starts ringing.

32. He is here to pick me up! I’m ready … I’ve got this.

33. Sh*t – I’m actually going on a date.

*Hi-fives oneself.

34. I’m just going to grab protection in-case. Look, it’s been a while!