31 thoughts we all have when lurking on an ex

Written by Jessica Lunan

Lurking is all fun and games until you see something you wish you didn’t.

Lurking is all fun and games until you see something you didn’t want to see.

In the social media age, we are all guilty of lurking. What’s lurking you may ask? Well if you have been living under a rock, lurking (or stalking) is the process of innocently searching someone on your social media pages to see what they’ve been up to. Whilst this is usually an ex, lurking doesn’t discriminate. You can lurk an ex best friend, that cute guy who works at that bar, or a new tinder flame. However, one thing we can guarantee is that while lurking you’ll always see something you wish you didn’t, and instantly want to set all of your feelings on fire.

Here’s the thoughts that every woman has while lurking on an ex on Facebook.

1. I’m pretty bored I wonder what (insert name) has been up too...

2. I mean I haven’t checked his FB in SO long.

3. Why is his name coming up in my recently searched? I swear I didn’t stalk him yesterday?

4. Ok fine maybe I did.

5. Ok careful, CAREFUL do not like anything.

6. His profile picture is still from 2 years ago... he looks so young why did I ever like him?

7. Ok he actually looks pretty cute there.

8. He's actually sooo cute.


10. Ok phew I didn’t... ok breathe you’re doing good. Keep your thumbs to yourself, it’s fine.

11. Why is this girl liking all of his photos?

12. Ok get out of the photos what’s happening on his timeline.

13. Why is his friends list filled with girls?

14. Why does this same girl keep posting on his timeline?!

15. Actually WHY does the guy in this girl’s profile picture look so familiar?

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17. I bet they’re together, he’s moved on so fast.

18. I mean we broke up 6 months ago but still THAT WAS STILL SO FAST.

19. She’s really pretty...

20. I bet he sends her all the cute texts he used to send me.

21. Whatever I’m better off without him.

22. Ok well he only liked her photo and he didn’t comment on it. Does that mean they’re together?

23. Why am I even caring I’m over him.

24. Ok her profile says she’s single and his says he’s single so maybe they’re just friends and took a random couple photo?

25. Unless they’re wanting to keep it on the DL remember when we initially kept it on the DL?!

26. Why am I feeling like this I need to share this pain!!

27. Ok I’m just going to take a quick screenshot of the photo and send it to my GF’s, I mean no one will know.

28. Wait do people get notified when you take a screenshot of their profile picture?

29. They do on Snapchat. What if FB has decided to do the same?

30. Ok you know what I’m just going to do it.

31. I am officially never ever lurking again! Can I please go back two minutes ago? I was so happy two minutes ago.

Lurking is all fun and games until you see something you didn’t want to see.