Relationships 101: 3 ways to master dating in 2017

Tinder is so 2016.


Gone, apparently, are the days of meeting a guy at the bar or coffee shop. Those perfect movie meet-cutes are even more unrealistic now than they were a few years ago.

Instead, 2017 dating involves apps, weird online banter and a low investment. Keeping up with the ever changing rules is hard but we’ve put together a guide to help you.

Let’s get app-y

Tinder is so 2016. Now apps are more selective. Rather than just shooting in the dark and hoping for the best, apps are being more particular about the options that they present to you. The biggest decider when choosing what dating app to use is personal preference. Bumble is all about women making the first move, while happn shows you the profiles of those that you cross paths with regularly in real life. No matter what app you choose, online dating will provide you with a pool of potentials.

Keep an open-mind

The key to successful dating in 2017 is to keep an open mind. Online dating allows for snap judgments. Deciding whether to swipe right based only on photo’s means that it is very easy to get lost in shallow thoughts. Remember that people are made up of more than the second it takes to snap a photo. Read the bio, open a conversation and give people a chance.

Let’s ‘hang’

Dating now no longer involves going on actual dates. Instead, people are opting to ‘hang out’. The idea behind this is that there is less commitment when hanging out with someone. The meeting is casual and with less pressure. Actual dates in 2017 are full of expectations and pressure so why not just avoid it?

Other dating terms you need to be aware of for 2017

Breadcrumbing- when someone gives just enough attention to keep you interested but has no plans on commitment anytime soon.

Ghosting- when someone disappears suddenly. It’s their not-so-subtle way of saying they aren’t interested.

Keeping up with all the terms and rules can be exhausting. And maybe one day people will tire of dating apps, dead end conversations and ghosting, but for now this is the dating landscape we are in so let’s embrace it!

Words: Jade Byers-Pointer