27 thoughts when a strangers asks for your number

Written by Jessica Lunan

Uhh, stranger danger!

Imagine this. You’re on your way to work, running a tiny bit late and you’re beginning to stress a little because you’re stuck at another red light. Something at the corner of your eye catches your attention and when you look over there’s a guy waving at you. We mean, he’s not unattractive but why is he happily waving when most people generally can’t even wave to say thanks when merging into your lane? You look over to the other car to see if he’s waving at someone next to you, but he shakes his head and waves again. You smile and hesitantly and wave back, thinking it’s just a nice gesture, when he lifts his hand to his ear and mouths “what’s your number!” Umm, what?!

What’s strange is that this exact scenario hasn’t just happened to me once, but TWICE! Perhaps it’s the Tinder era that we live in, but I don’t think I’m the only one who begins to have some crazy thoughts when a random guy asks for your number IRL, especially when it’s outside of a club.

Here’s the thoughts you have when a total random asks for your number.

1. What, wait did he just ask me for my number?

2. Why did he ask me for my number?


4. *Shakes head* OMG, he just asked again!

5. Ok he has other guys in his car, maybe this is just a joke?

6. I mean I look like a total mess and I’m literally just sitting in my car!

7. I guess it is kind of flattering...



8. Wait, did they see me singing along to One Direction?

9. Can they hear that I’m listening to One Direction? *quickly turns music down*

10. OMG, he’s still looking over here and waving!


12. I mean he’s pretty cute...

13. But what does it mean if I do give him my number?

14. How do I even give it to him?

15. Do I just wind down my window and shout it out?!

16. Now he’s asking what my name is!

17. This light is taking forever.

18. Ok, no I can’t do it. Just look ahead and ignore him.

19. I mean, what if he’s a crazy stalker?

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20. But what if he’s my soulmate?

21. I guess if he is weird I can always block his number...


23. He’s still looking over!

24. Ahh, what do I do!

25. Ok, the light is going to turn green any second now.

26. He’s still looking over.

27. Ahh, ok here goes!