23 thoughts you have when getting your first 'toy'

I put that where?!

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase your first... adult toy. No, not the latest iPhone, the type of toy that will have you feeling a certain way. And whilst most women do have their own naughty gadget, it can be quite the emotional process when deciding to get your own.

Here are the thoughts you have when getting your first ‘toy’.

1. Ok, my girlfriends made them sound SO incredible! Maybe it’s time for me to find out what it’s all about...

2. Or maybe it was that extra glass of wine...

3. But where do I go?

4. Do I get one at a store or online?

5. But if I go to the store then everyone will know what I’m buying!

6. And those stores are always so intimidating.

7. I feel like I need moral support to do this.

8. But then whoever I bring will know that I’m using one!

9. And what if I run into someone I know!!


10. Ok, I am defiantly purchasing online.

11. Who knew that there’s so many options for so many things?!

12. You put that WHERE?

13. It does WHAT!!!

14. ...interesting.


15. Ok I feel like I should start basic then work my way up.

16. This website even sells shoes?!

17. And alarm clocks..?!

18. Oh, they do thaaat.

19. Is this going to be a Sex And The City moment where my girlfriends will need to drag me out of the bedroom?

20. And will I ever need to see the D again?

21. Actually, would that be so bad..?

22. Added to my basket and purchased!

23. Let’s see how this goes...