24 thoughts when you're suddenly in a relationship

It's a whirlwind of emotions.

So you’ve been seeing this guy for a while. Things began very casual, with the two of you starting with going out for dinner, mini golfing and movies. We know, we know cue all that cute stuff. Then things started to become more serious. Before you knew it, things are getting heated and then he asks that magic, yet terrifying, question; so where is this going?

Before you know it your fun, flirty single days are behind you and you’re thrust into a proper serious relationship. Here’s 24 thoughts that happen when you suddenly find yourself in a relationship.

1. Boyfriend.... boyfriend... this is my boyfriend... meet my boyfriend? It just sounds so weird!

2. Does this mean I have to stay on top of my shaving routine now?
3. When is it socially acceptable to change my relationship status on Facebook? Don’t want to seem too keen but we’re together now so he’s keen so should I just do it?
4. But then my nosey Aunty will see it and she’s bound to ask my parents about it.
5. And it’s way too soon for them to know. They’ll just get so weird.
6. Although, I guess now mum won’t think I’m forever alone. She thought I was a lost cause there for a while.
7. How about loading a cute picture of us? That way people are prepared that I’m not a single pringle forever.
9. But what if no one likes it??!
10. Ok, maybe I should just start with a sneaky Snapchat...
11. Am I overthinking this?
12. I need to arrange a wine night with the girls ASAP to tell them the goss.
13. Wait, does this mean I can’t accept free drinks from the bar anymore?
14. Am I ready to say goodbye to that yet?

15. And does that mean I Can’t starfish in bed anymore?!
16. I wonder if he’s told anyone about us yet?
17. Does this mean I have to meet his family soon?
18. It’s way too soon to meet his family!
20. Does my name go with his last name?
21. I think for Bridesmaid dresses I want either dusty pink or lilac.
22. And jasmine in the bouquet.
23. Ok, you are literally like 1 day into this relationship calm down.
24. Boyfriend... this is my boyfriend... my boyfriend... yep, going to take a while to get used to that.