22 Thoughts all women have while giving him a “hand”

There’s a million and one things that run through a woman’s mind while giving him the uh... tug of love. Despite being in our twenties we’re all still giving them and you know it!

Thoughts all women have while giving him a “hand”

1. Is this grip okay... Maybe I should be firmer but OMG am I going to choke it?!

2. We really should have used lube... How can this not be feeling like carpet burn?

3. Geez there is so much skin and HOW is it so soft, do you secretly moisturise?

4. Should I say something? Maybe I should moan a little.

5. I really need to get back into Pilates my balancing abilities are horrendous!

6. Ohhh pins and needles!

Getting pins and needs is something all women have while giving him a “hand”

7. I’d much prefer moving onto other things now, come on we’re not 18.

8. I wonder what he’s thinking.

9. Eye contact vs. no eye contact: should I look at him or look at it?

10. OK I’ll look at him.

11. Nah this is creepy, I’ll just keep my head down.

12. Guess I should look a little more enthusiastic.

13. AH cramp, cr*p! Time to switch hands!

14. Keep up the momentum, you can do it! Cheers self on*

15. Should I be like... fondling his bits? I really have no idea what to do with them.

Thoughts all women have while giving him a hand

16. Like seriously is this really going to be the ‘main event’?

17. Okay so we’re making this a buddy thing now? Putting your hand over mine basically means you could be doing this yourself you know.

18. Is this consistent rhythm even doing anything?

19. Oh okay clearly it is. Must be why they think the same is okay for us, right?

20. Where’s the tissue, WHERE ARE THE DAMN TI-

21. Never mind, it’s everywhere. You’re sleeping on that side of the bed bud.

22. My turn!

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