15 Saucy office confessions of steamy flings

Anonymous people reveal what it's like to have an office romance on the secret sharing app, Whisper.

1. "I dated my boss briefly only to realise I wasn't the only one at work he had a fling with. I found out when he also asked my boyfriend at work on a date."

2. "The rumour mill went crazy. It went from he and I being together to basically the whole crew and I being some freaky love orgy thing. I won't be making that mistake again."

3. "I dated my co-worker for over a year. The he told me he didn't want a relationship and stopped talking to me. I have to pretend all is well at work but deep down I'm so hurt."


4. "She cheated on me and in turn, I helped get her fired."

5. "My first love was with a co-worker. It was nice for the two years we worked together, but after we broke up it was really hard. It killed me to look over and see him everyday."

6. "I dated my boss for seven years and then got demoted so it looked like he wasn't showing favouritism. Really?"

7. "My ex office romance tried to get me fired. She couldn't make eye contact with me for three months and then she finally gave up and quit."

8. "My work husband and I get along better than me and my 'real' husband."

9. "He was my manager. I ended up switching jobs after a few weeks, but two years later we are married and expecting our first."

10. "He got jealous that I was into another co-worker and did something stupid that got himself and two other people fired."


11. "Dated, engaged, bought a house, moved in and then broke up (my choice) 3 weeks before our fully paid for sucked for a very long time."

12. "I once dated my manger. At the office party I found out his girlfriend wanted to smack me. Turns our we were the worst kept secret. Young, dumb, stupid and blind."

13. "I've never been happier. It's professional not to have any physical contact, so I spend all day texting him dirty things and teasing. I love going home at the end of the day."

14. "It was an awful decision to hook up with my co-worker. I was already starting to dislike my job and it just made it worse. Plus, no one knew, so the other girls would hit on him in front of me and it was so hard to watch."

15. "My office romance is steamy as hell. We sneak around the office for quickies during our breaks. We low-key sext and touch each other under the desk. Each time he looks at me, I can feel his eyes undressing me ... my god..."