13 things single people say to themselves


There’s nothing wrong with singledom – it’s a time to celebrate yourself and invest in friendships. But sometimes, when you’ve been single for a little while, you might start thinking a type of way - you know, to convince yourself that you have your sh#t together...

1. I’m too busy for a relationship.

In a time when it’s trendy to be super busy, your hectic life leaves no room for dating. Or so you claim.

2. Doing whatever the hell I want whenever is bliss.

Like buying and eating that supermarket mud cake because there’s no one there to stop you.

3. I'm a crazy sleeper - there's only enough room for me in my bed.

Left, right, goodnight! Starfishing it all the way!

4. I love my freedom.

Independence is the best – nobody needs to be tied down!

5. We are going out tonight and we are going to find ourselves a boyfie!

This type of thought usually comes after a couple of glasses of vino, tbh…


6. I have to go out tonight... I need to know I'm wanted. #slaymamaslay

Hey, sometimes a little attention is all a girl needs to boost her ego.

7. I'm focusing on my career right now. I don't have a time for another person.

You go, #girlboss! Hustle!

8. I'm currently discovering who I am.

Usually thought while you stand at the top of the mountain you just climbed. The view is Insta-worthy.

9. You will never find me on Tinder. I'm not that type of person. (Tinder notification pops up)

“I’m just on it for a laugh” you tell your friends.

10. Maybe I should join the gym and do some activities to find new people. What can I do that will force me to have a partner? Salsa dancing, maybe...

Well, at least you’re getting some exercise.

11. Cats are totally cool.


12. Should I shave?...Nah.

No razor burn, no wobbling around on one leg in the shower…pure bliss.

13. Who needs a man when I have my gals?

This is so true. As long as you have your girlfriends, you don’t need anything else!

Words: Hanna Sloan