Bedroom talk: 12 ways to improve vanilla sex

Because life is too short.

Two words: vanilla sex. While we’re not against the romantic-stare-into-each-other-eyes love-making situation, we definitely are against sex that has us hitting the snooze button. We’re all guilty of it, when we find a method that both parties enjoy it can be easy to slip into the routine of well... vanilla sex.

It’s time to shake up your intimate moments and get a little naughty. Here’s 9 ways you can improve vanilla sex.

1. Experiment with different positions

It’s an obvious one, but by simply shifting your positions you can find incredible wow-spots that are sure to send you over the edge. While we’re not saying to try something that you feel totally uncomfortable doing, the secret to an amazing sex life is to have an open mind.

2. Fulfil each other’s fantasies

Ask your man what his sexual desires are and don’t be afraid to confide in him what yours are too. It’s a two-way street, so when something feels amazing be sure to tell him. Not only will this build trust between the two of you, but he’ll love seeing you get off by fulfilling your fantasies.

3. Treat yourself to some sexy lingerie you’d never have thought you’d buy

Treat yo’self! One of the easiest ways to spice up the bedroom is by treating yourself to sexy lingerie that makes you feel incredible. At the moment BDSM styles are all the rage. Step out of your comfort zone and surprise your partner with a new set of lingerie that’s sure to make his head spin!

4. Switch up locations

Now, we’re not saying to go into the great outdoors and expose each other to the world. But, if you usually get intimate in bed, why not try another place in the house?

5. Buy a toy

A sex toy can add an element of naughtiness to any bedroom rendezvous. A sex toy is sure to hit the spot every time and we can guarantee with this cheeky addition, vanilla sex will be a thing of the past!

6. Role play

While you may feel strange in a uniform at first, the entertainment that comes from role playing in the bedroom is sure to at least have you both laughing.

7. Use a blindfold

Get your Fifty Shades on and blindfold your man while you’re pleasuring him and visa-versa. Not seeing what each other are up to and relying on just touch always makes for an incredible experience.

8. Talk dirty

Shake things up and talk dirty to get things going. Tell him exactly what you want him to do and what feels good and he’s sure to be more than willing to meet your requests.

9. Get inspired

Lastly, get inspired from movies, tv shows and books! If you love the sound of something from Fifty Shades Of Grey re-enact it for yourselves!