12 signs he only wants you in the bedroom

12 signs he only wants you for one thing...


When you meet a guy who’s charismatic, the conversation is flirty and he’s just so sexy, it can be difficult to break out of the spell and notice the reality for what your relationship truly is. Does your new man actually want to move things into serious territory, or are you just his “thing”? We get it, perhaps we’re just immune to fice guy tendencies, but sometimes finding the difference between the f*boys and the genuine men can be a tricky feat.

If you’re questioning what your new flame’s intentions are, or say yes to more than 3 of the below tips, chances are he only wants you for sex and not to get to know you.

1. He’s overly eager to continually give you compliments on your physical appearance

Compliments here and there is always appreciated. We mean who doesn’t want to be worshiped for how hard they’ve been squatting at the gym to build their booty? But if he’s continually telling you how hot you are and never taking notice of your other attributes- like your witty sense of humour or quick intelligence, then there’s a chance he only wants one thing...

2. He’s never taken you on a real date

Going halves in the after-rendezvous pizza does not count! Whenever the d-word (no, not the one he wishes) comes up he’s always tied up with work or suddenly has a super urgent thing to do once the bedroom antics are over.

3. He takes his sweet time replying to you...

And this just leads to the vicious cycle of deciding once he finally replies that you’ll leave him on read for 2 hours... even though it always ends up being more like 2 seconds.

4. ...And when you do hear from him it’s late night texts and eggplant emojis

Attention all f*boys, the eggplant emoji does not do for us what you think it does! If he’s sending you 1am texts saying “wyd” (we mean, not even a complete sentence) then there’s a high chance he only wants a naughty night time visit.

5. He acts super shady about his friends and doesn’t add you on social media

Your flame never wants to introduce you to his inner circle and always acts a little sus whenever you mention his friends. Don’t even get us started on the sheer mention of adding him on social media! He’s always going on about how he’s against Facebook, yet funny how his phone always seems to be blowing up when you’re together, right?

6. He actively talks about other girls around you

He’s always talking about his ex, the hot girls he saw at the strip club and his celeb crush. Perhaps you always hear that Tinder message ding go off his phone whenever you see him? Yep, chances are he’s just in it for the sex and not to get to know you.

7. He doesn’t care about issues that are bothering you

So how does my rant about my annoying housemate make you feel so horny..?

8. He calls you bro

Ahh, there’s nothing more romantic than being called bro after a steamy endeavour, right? *shudder*

9. Netflix & literally just chill is never a thing

You’re 3 minutes in on the latest ep of Riverdale and he’s already making his move.

10. He always bails when you organise to do something

We mean, how many last-minute 7pm business meetings can one man have?!

11. He only wants to go back to his

Whenever you do manage to convince him to meet you out, you’re only a few drinks in before he insist you take things back to his.

12. He just wants to get you out

So you had a super steamy and sexy moment, but you don’t even have a chance to catch your breath before he’s rounding up all of your belongings and hustling you out the door.

A few of these all too familar? It's time to say "boy, bye!"