12 Signs he is the toxic guy you should never date

The warning signs that he is toxic to your happiness. Here's the guy you should never date.

Sings he is a toxic guy you shouldn't date

The @ssh*le you should never date: When you first meet this guy you are instantly intrigued by his effortless charm and ‘I don’t give a sh*t’ attitude towards life.

While he might seem like a refreshing addition to your boring, filled-with-dud’s dating life, he is not the guy you should be starting a relationship with.

We're like that friend that only wants the best for you, so we have put together a list of values that you definitely do not want in a partner. If he ticks any of the below boxes it might be time to rethink your dating life. 

He never offers to pay for anything

Whether he conveniently forgets his wallet when you’re out for lunch or always insists on making you pay ‘your half’, you don’t want to be dating the guy that is hung up on money. Or worse, the scrub... If he lives at home, doesn’t have a car and talks a big game but has zero game in the cash department – RUN.

He always brings up the other girls he has been with

There is a time and place to bring up your previous relationships, but if he is always talking about the many other girls he has been with, he probably isn't taking you very seriously.

Signs he is the guy you shouldn't date

He doesn't have respect for the important women in his life

Look at the way he treats his mother, sisters and other women in his life. If he has no respect for them it is a clear indicator on the way he will eventually treat you.

He can’t seem to hold down a job

To be fair we all have unfortunate events in life but if he can’t seem to hold down any sort of stable job that is a serious warning sign.

He never makes time for you but expects you to drop everything for him

It’s simple – if he likes you, he will carve out time for you. And no, this ‘time’ shouldn’t just be for the late night booty calls. If he is truly interested in you he will make time for couple activities in public.

He leaves you hanging

So he promises to call but never does? He says he will take you out only to bail because of some lame ass excuse? You might be too strung up on him and convince yourself that he has a valid reason but honey, you deserve better!

Lauren on The Hills knows when he is a guy you shouldn't date

He's doesn't know how to clean

Don’t pretend you don’t like to peek around when you’re at his place. If his room, his laundry and his bathroom is always dirty, that's a clear indicator on the grub he will be when you live together... and you don’t have time to clean up after a man right!

It's all about him and his life

At first, it’s great when a guy opens up to you about his life, his friends and his family. But when it becomes only about him and he never asks or is interested in your life, ladies I’m sorry but he simply does not care.

He is quick to lose his temper

Whether it’s with you or the waiter at your dinner-date, if he loses his temper quickly, or disrespects people in general, it really does not reflect well on his morals.

If he takes his frustrations out on you it is a sign he is the toxic guy you shouldn't date

He is constantly criticising you

If he acts like he is in any way superior to you, get out of there as quickly as you can! You want someone who adds value to your life not brings out your insecurities.

He has lied to you on more than one occasion

There is no such thing as a little white lie when it comes to relationships.

He gets seriously messed up whenever he goes out

We are all entitled to having a good time, but you don’t want to be with someone who gets sloppy-drunk and can't control himself every weekend.

The dating game can be tedious, but don't forget to put yourself first ladies. You deserve someone who realises how damn lucky he is to have you!

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Words: Frances van Eeden