Why our phones are basically our boyfriends

Written by Jessica Lunan

True love.

It’s no secret that we’re currently a generation obsessed with technology. Don’t even try to pretend that you don’t get separation anxiety whenever you can’t find your beloved iPhone. Stage 5 clingers, us? No way.

From staying up late talking to sharing special moments, like it or not here’s why our smart phones are basically our boyfriends.

They suggest amazing places to go out to eat

Breakfast, lunch dinner- our trusty phones have all our dining needs covered. And with them constantly sitting at the table beside us, it’s like we’re always going on a date!

We are obsessed with checking in to see how they are

Whilst watching Netflix, spending time with our bestie and even when we’re supposed to be working; we can’t wait to see what new notifications they have to tell us.

We almost always share the same bed every night

They don’t roll over and take up most of the bed. Plus, they’re always up for a late night D&M.

They always make us laugh

From hilarious Facebook memes, crazy YouTube videos to hilarious group chats- our phones provides multiple LOLs.

There’s always that one friend who believes theirs is better

Samsung vs. iPhone- it’s the discussion to almost split friendships!

They sometimes like playing games

But these types of games won’t break your heart.

You love looking at it

You can be captivated by its shiny gleam for hours on end.

Sometimes you need a little bit of space... which always usually fails

Every now and then you realise that you’ve been way too caught up in your phone and are in desperate need of a technology detox. This usually lasts for around 2 hours before you’re pressing its buttons again.

They can be annoying

From pesky notifications to loud dings when you’re sleeping, sometimes they can be annoying AF.

There comes a time when you need a new one

Perhaps the battery starts to play up, it becomes unreliable or you’re just feeling like a change- every now and then you feel the need to upgrade to a better version.

You share some of your fave memories together

From milestones, overseas trip to that music festival- you’ve shared a multitude of memories together and they’re always willing to help capture the moments.

It’s the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see before you fall asleep

All we can say is true love.