12 Signs you are the Grinch of relationships

If you relate to these situations you might just be the Grinch of relationships!

12 Signs you are the Grinch of relationships

Whether it’s due to a bad breakup, being single for too long or a series of dud dates, most of us have been at that point where we just hate, love. Some call this being ‘jaded’, we call it being the Grinch of relationships – and hey, it’s totally okay to feel like this. It won’t last forever (we hope)...

If you can relate to these 12 situations, we’re sorry to say but you might actually be the Grinch of relationships; just ask your friends, we’re sure they’ve noticed too.

1. Romantic comedies bring out your inner sceptic - they just never seem realistic to you.

Your reaction to most rom-coms is more along the lines of ‘pffft’ and ‘as if’ than ‘how sweet’.

2. PDA is not acceptable... ever!

And if that couple is going to be insolent and go there, you’re going to be rude and make that WTF face right at them.

3. You make fun of EVERY #couplegoals meme you see on social media.

Made even better if you have a like-minded friend to tag and disgust!

4. Similarly if you see couples at the gym working out in unison it makes you want to throw up in your mouth a little...

Or you take a sneaky Snapchat to send to said friend.

5. When a guy hits on you, you usually suspect an ulterior motif.

“What DO you want?”.

6. You’re secretly happy when celebrity couples break up.

If even Gigi can get her heart broken, then you're slightly more okay with this whole situation.

Sings you are the Grinch of love.

7. You cannot deal when you invite a friend somewhere and their significant other tags along.

You have a serious aversion to the word “we”.

8. You value your alone time.

No you can’t hang out later, no you don’t have other plans; you just enjoy staying-in alone and over eating.

9. You’re so sceptic about the motives of those you date that you find it easier not to develop feelings at all, so you’re always just on the surface level with people.

You ‘catch up’, you don’t catch feelings.

10. It really frustrates you when your taken friends have to consult their partner before making plans.

You couldn’t imagine dealing with that responsibility ... like aren’t you your own person? Eye roll*

11. The worst thing anyone can ever say to you is to give you reassurance that the right person is out there.

You know, THAT look that comes with the “there’s plenty of fish in the sea” and the pat on the back.

12. You damn well take care of yourself and get offended when people insinuate you can’t do something.

You’ve learnt all the single-person hacks, from the fake tan mitt on the hanger trick to figuring out how to open that tightly twisted jar without a muscly man.

Words: Frances van Eeden