11 crazy rules and thoughts we women have when we start dating

So you’ve finally decided to stop being a single pringle and you’re going to give this dating thing a go. Here’s some unsaid dating rules and thoughts that we all seem to have when we start dating again.

1. It takes a solid week to come up with the perfect outfit for your first date (your poor housemates will be grateful the second you step out that door).


2. You buy a sexy set of lingerie for the first date (for your own self confidence of course).

3. Regardless of all previous dating rules, you don’t have to get the salad.


4. Chivalry isn’t dead- the guy can still pay for the meal (we’re not afraid to admit we like it).

5. Do you wait 2 minutes, 2 hours, 2 weeks or 2 years to text him back? Is treat ‘em mean keep ‘em keen still a thing?!


6. Immediately after the date you stalk all of his social media accounts, and automatically you try to decide which girl in his profile pictures is his ex, or sister? (while stalking try not to accidentally like his photo from 59 weeks ago)

7. You then proceed to stalk each girl from his photos social media accounts to get the dish on their relationship (seriously is she his ex or sister?!)


8. Do you add him first on Facebook? Or wait for him to add you? Does it look too keen if you add him first? Is it bad if you look keen? How long after the date should you wait to add him?!

9. Who makes the relationship official on Facebook?

women men are scared of dating gif 5

10. You start thinking about your wedding and your future children’s names and that your dog will be called Winston.

11. Finally, while in happy relationship bliss, please try to restrain your SMDA (Social Media Display of Affection), no one want’s to know about your 1 month anniversary.

Words: Jessica Lunan