11 Incredible things that men do that women love

Written by Jessica Lunan


While many women passionately state that chivalry is dead, you can’t deny that there are certain things that men do that leaves us week at the knees.

Here are just a few incredible things that men do that women love.

Takes charge and plans a date

There is nothing sexier than a man who knows what he wants. We can all agree how frustrating it is when a guy asks you out on a date but never follows through. When a guy takes the initiative to plan a date regardless of the stage of your relationship, we guarantee you’ll get the butterfly jitters just like in the early stages of dating.

Brings over your fave chocolate just because

It’s in the simple, thoughtful things that show he cares. A guy that can treat a sweet tooth sure is a keeper, especially if he brings Peanut MnM’s.

Walks on the traffic side of the pathway and opens the door for you

Old school, we know, but it’s those traditional habits that makes us feel special. If your man does this he sure knows how to treat a lady.

Cooks you dinner

Don’t ask us why, but there’s just something so romantic about a guy making dinner (and cooking well) that’s just so irresistible! We guess it’s just the opposite to the saying “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, because the truth is we love food just as much! It shows that he can fend for himself and likes to treat us. Although, TBH, even if it is just a toastie we’d still be appreciative.

When he kisses you on for forehead

*Heart eyes emoji*.


Loves to actually hang out with you and watch Netflix even when it is that time of the month

A guy who loves to hang out with you regardless if it’s that time of the month while you’re in your comfiest, threadbare PJs and still looks at you like you’re the prettiest thing he’s ever seen equals one thing: swoon!

Holds your hand in public without making a big deal out of it

A tiny bit of PDA sure does go a long way. When a man happily holds your had in public, and reaches for it first shows that he’s proud to be seen with you and that he just can’t resist keeping his hands off you.

Offers you his jacket

Another gentlemanly gesture, when a guy risks the cold just to make you feel cosy he sure is a catch!

Remembers important things you’ve mentioned to him in passing

Even if it’s just remembering that work meeting, or that our bestie is coming to visit- when your man takes note and remembers the small details that are important to us, it proves he cares.

One word: biceps

Especially when he stretches or effortlessly undoes that water bottle you’ve been struggling to open. Not to mention how strong and protective they feel when giving us a hug. We can’t help but love it!

Makes you feel desired

It can be in an action or a look, but a guy that appreciates us, makes us feel desired and important sure does make us week at the knees and as cheesy as it is, thankful that they’re in our lives.