10 ways to meet single men in Brisbane in 2017

Written by Jessica Lunan

It's so much easier than you thought.

If you’re part of Brisbane’s single sisterhood, then you would understand that the manhunt can be quite difficult and daunting.

If you’re an old-school-kinda gal who hasn’t yet become accustomed to the whole online dating world, know that you’re not alone. Sometimes the most amazing conversations happen in real time ... unexpectedly.

But where do we find these beautiful single creatures? Because ladies, many of us are over the seedy bars, drunken conversations and one-night stands.

This year, it’s time to uncover Brisbane’s best-kept secrets. So, we’ve done the hunting and sought out the prime hot spots to meet our city’s single male specimen.

Salsa night

If you’ve seen the iconic film Shall We Dance, you’d know the power of what a simple dance class can do. Call up your girlfriends and organise a Salsa night out! You’ll meet heaps of new people, have sexy men teach you how to dance and you’re in for a guaranteed fun night out.

Relaxed bar

There’s countless of cool, laid back bars throughout the city who specialise in creating delicious drinks. Plus, these electric hangouts are the watering hole for dateable men! At these spots mingling is of high priority so grab a gin cocktail and start socialising.

Wine tastings

There is just something so romantic about wine. From going on a tour around the winery to tasting some of Queensland’s most delicious wines, it’s basically heaven on earth. By going on a wine tasting you’ll meet heaps of different people, and after you can even enjoy a tasty red with that cute guy you were making eyes with across the room.

Cooking class

There’s no denying that there’s just something so irresistible about a guy who can cook. Men are starting to pick up on this and are joining cooking classes to learn how to woo a woman through the only way that counts, our stomachs! Hey, we’re never going to say no to a delicious meal made by an equally delicious man... Through attending a cooking class you will gain some culinary skills and even nab a new man.

Social sport

Get motivated and join a mixed social sport. You’ll have an amazing workout, meet some great people and also enjoy the eye candy that the guys will provide...

Through your gal pals

A great, and obvious, way to meet men is through your closest friends. Go to birthday celebrations as their plus 1, attend trivia nights or even go on a night out with a group of acquaintances you’d never usually party with. You never know who you will meet!

The races

We can never pass down the opportunity to dress up. Plus, with the mixture of champagne and the excitement of winning a race, there’s no doubt you’ll have the courage to saunter up to that attractive man at the bar.

Art classes

From portrait painting to photography classes, Brisbane offers an array of short courses to get your creative juices flowing. Plus, you’re bound to meet equally creative men who are willing to step out of their comfort zones and acquire new skills.

Art gallery

Stroll the hallways of your favourite gallery’s and strike up a conversation with the barista making your coffee or the guy admiring your favourite artwork. We mean, he obviously has good taste!

Blind date

By finally agreeing to go on those blind dates that your friends have been pestering you to go on, you’re saying to the world that you’re ready to step into the dating game and are open for love. While blind dates are known for being a hit or miss, you never know what can happen!

To be honest, all it takes to meet men in Brisbane is a little bit of courage. So, get out there and start charming the masses. You’ve got this!