10 Things Women do when Getting Ready for a First Date

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It's easy to fall apart (literally) and completely freak out. But we are in this together and as women we have often done the same 10 things when getting ready for a first date. #YouAreNotAlone

1. Pour yourself a glass of wine

You're nervous but trying to relax is key. Pour yourself a nice glass of wine and take it slow.

10 Things Women do when Getting Ready for a First Date

2. Think about cancelling

You haven't started getting ready yet, so now is the perfect time to cancel. Yet you talk yourself out of it. You really like this guy and he seems like he likes you so let's get dressed.

3. Play some pump-me up music

Think of it like 'motivational beat's. Yes, let's get excited and dance away our fears while sipping on our second glass of wine.

4. Shaving everything from the waist down

Spending 40 minutes in the shower makes complete sense when you have to wash your hair, cleanse your face, brush your teeth and shave everywhere. This isn't easy - god forbid we leave the slightest trace of hair on our legs.

5. The lingerie argument begins

You want to look like you made no effort but at the same time - should the date head this way, you still want to look unforgettable. Is the g-string too obvious, does the push up bra reveal too much? (these are life altering decisions!)

6. Time to put on the war paint

Guaranteed you end up changing your lipstick colour twice and the attempted winged eyeliner has been corrected at least 3 times.

10 Things Women do when Getting Ready for a First Date

7. Call your BFF for a pep talk

You pucker up and realise, this is actually happening! You are ready to cancel again but need some serious best friend advice if you are going to get through this.

8. Try on your entire wardrobe while saying, "I have nothing to wear." (repeatedly)

You have tried on everything but nothing looks right. The sexy dress says, 'too available', the jeans and tank top says, 'I don't care,' and the a-line skirt and buttoned up shirt says, 'The Stepford Wives.' And after all of this you end up settling on your fail safe, little black dress.

10 Things Women do when Getting Ready for a First Date

9. The heels or flats debate begins

This is by far the most stressful argument - where are we going? Is this appropriate. Do I look high maintenance with a 6" heel?

10. The great wait

You sit there on the edge of the bed and watch the digital clock on your iPhone. It's five minutes until show time. Are you ready? Of course, you are - you look up at yourself in the mirror and say, "I've got this."

And in the end if everything goes well all that stress was worth it and if doesn't, it's just another great story to share with your girlfriends.