10 Style & beauty things guys hate but won't admit

A brutally honest look at what he really thinks of your style and beauty. 

Beauty and fashion styles that guys hate but won't admit

Ah, what we all would give for a day inside our boyfriend's head. If women are from Venus and men really are from Mars, then I'd have to say we're all pretty sane here on Venus.

As girls we tend to be pretty up front when it comes to what we find sexy (or alternatively, not so hot). Over on Mars, guys seem to have a secret pact to keep their lips sealed and keep us guessing.

We've ventured into the crazy labyrinth that is the male psyche and extracted a list (just for you) of all the things that drive men mad (and not in the way we want to!).

Here we have a brutally honest and slightly frustrating look into their thinking about our clothing choices and beauty picks.

Too much make-up

Put away your Urban Decay Naked palette, the verdict is in and guys say that less is definitely more, and minimal make-up is here to stay. Keep it simple, he'll love it!

Showing too much skin

We all know guys can't resist a glimpse of skin (anywhere from our cleavage to legs), but studies show that guys think too much skin really isn't that sexy. We're in no way suggesting that you have to cover up your curves, but maybe try to leave something his imagination with subtly sexy outfits!

Over-styled hair

Men are very tactile creatures and to most, there's nothing sexier than running their hands through a girls soft, silky locks. High, slick ponies and ballet buns are a date night no-no. As with the make-up, simplicity is key. Opt for tousled, natural waves – it's as easy as that!

Ridiculously high heels

While high heels can be a girl's greatest asset (if you know what we mean), there is definitely such a thing as too high. Skip the sky high platforms that crush your feet (and your soul), throw on some appropriate (yet no less stunning) wedges and enjoy your night out – your feet will thank you in the morning!

Oversized fashion

Despite the fact that they don't like too much skin, ask any guy and he will tell you that he hates the trends that hide your fabulous figure. Everything from boyfriend jeans and culottes, to maxi dresses and play-suits – he can't stand them...

Anything high waisted

For some bizarre reason, boys hate almost anything high waisted. Shorts, skirts, jeans, you name it - they're not a fan. Apparently, it reminds them of their mum, personally we think it denies them prime viewing of your derrière – just a thought but it explains a lot!

Over the top accessories

It's common knowledge that oversized sunglasses have always been a pet hate for most guys, and we can see why. Of course he hates that they swallow up almost all of your pretty face! But the list now extends to big, floppy hats and chunky/ statement jewellery. The overwhelming trend seems to be that of simplicity, so we will put this down to the basic fact that he thinks you're gorgeous, just the way you are.

Push up bras

Two words: false advertising.

Fake tan

While of course no guy can resist a sun-kissed glow, the people have spoken and to them, there's nothing worse than a bad fake tan. But of course, what he doesn't know won't hurt him. If you know how to achieve a flawless, natural tan, go for it, but if he can see the streaks, smell the coconut or feel the stickiness it, it's best to skip your usual Thursday night routine.

Claw like nails

Now, this is not an excuse to revert back to your sad, bitten nails of 2010. There's nothing wrong with a pretty, polished manicure, but guys definitely prefer a natural look.

For the most part, we love this list. Minimal, natural beauty is all the rage at the moment and we couldn't be more for it. But, in saying that, it's important to dress for yourself, so if you can't resist pulling on your boyfriend jeans on the weekend or donning a red lip for a night out, go for it (no matter what he thinks!).

Words: Sophie Catsoulis