10 sexy songs for your Valentine's Day playlist

Written by Jessica Lunan

Make it a night to remember.

It’s no secret that music speaks to our soul. A solid playlist can get us through an intense workout, heartbreak or even lift our spirits. And we can’t deny that there’s just something about a sexy soundtrack to put us in the mood (plus dim lighting and a bottle of red sure works a treat, too).

We’ve done our research (it’s a hard life we lead) to help you create a sexy playlist that will trump all sexy playlists! Here’s the songs you need to add to your playlist this Valentine’s Day. You can thank us later.

Versace On The Floor- Bruno Mars

This slightly 80s power ballad is an essential for any Valentine’s playlist. Bruno Mars can never do wrong, and it’s the perfect addition to your date night. With his sexy, crooning voice it’s literally music to our ears.

Pony- Genuwine

Yep, it’s classic a that we’re still obsessed with! While Rihanna and even Ed Sheeran have covered it, with this song the original is always best to get those good vibes happening, if you know what we mean...

Sexual- Neiked

It’s the hit of the summer, and this sultry song will definitely suit those steamy moments.

I Feel It Coming- The Weekend

Or let’s just make that the entire latest album by The Weekend. His voice is so silky smooth and guaranteed to get you in the mood.

Partition – Beyoncé

Maybe it’s something about the repetitive drum rhythm, raunchy film clip or Queen B’s suggestive lyrics, but Partition without a doubt always has us feeling a certain kind of way, if you get what we mean...


Tonight- John Legend

We literally cannot deal with John Legend and this song (and film clip!). It’s all about those intimate and steamy moments with your significant other. Please do yourself a favour and add this track to your playlist.

Feel It – Jacquees

We mean, it was featured in Magic Mike so that proves that this is one sexy song. And Channing Tatum will always be our ultimate man crush!

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever- Zayn and Taylor Swift

Perhaps it’s the reason that it’s on the soundtrack for Fifty Shades Darker, and TBH whenever we think of Fifty Shades we always think of Jamie Dornan *drool*. What we’re trying to say is just add it to your list.


Hey Daddy- Usher

To put it blankly, Usher is sexy. And his song ‘Hey Daddy’ is sexy. It’s a definite win-win for us.

Mirror – Neyo

Like our man Usher, this is a totally suggestive, sexy song that’s just made for those bedroom rendezvous. We have to say the early 2000’s RNB singers really knew what they were doing.