10 Reasons you're way too good to be stalking his ex

Reasons you shouldn’t be stalking and worrying about his ex

Ladies, deny it to your man as much as you like, but sometimes we can't resist the urge to seriously stalk obsess over his ex girlfriend.

Regardless of what your man’s situation is with his ex – whether she is in the picture or not – sometimes you just can’t help but over think about it, which leads to obsessing and stalking, which leads to endless fights about something so trivial.

Reasons you shouldn't be stalking his ex

Ladies, here are the top 10 reasons you really shouldn’t fret over his ex.

1. It’s immature.

Consider yourself a #GIRLBOSS... Think again. You wouldn’t fall down on the floor and throw a tantrum when things don’t go your way, so why would you act like an immature little girl when it comes to his ex. If there is something you really want to know, maybe just ask him then forgive and forget, let karma do its thing.

Let carma worry about his ex

2. You’re someone else’s ex.

Just take a moment to image your ex boyfriend’s (cringe – we know but hear us out) new partner obsessing over and hating on you...

3. His past is part of who he is.

We’re all grown up’s here; you should be able to talk about past situations without making a big deal out of it. If he openly talks about his past without bitterness it doesn’t mean he is still hung up on her, it means he is mentally healthy and has moved on.

4. You’re letting her win.

Being caught up on his ex is going to inevitably start arguments and can jeopardise your relationship.


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5. You’re undermining yourself.

Being hung up on her means you aren’t accepting the fact that he wants YOU. Don’t self yourself short.

Reasons you shouldn’t be worrying about his ex

6. Your relationship is so much better!

Well he is with you and not her for a reason right!?

Reasons you shouldn’t be worrying about his ex

7. Judging only highlights your insecurities.

Sitting around with your girlfriends and judging the way she does her hair, takes her selfies and what she posts on Facebook just brings out your insecurities.

8. You aren’t hung up on your ex.

You’re not daydreaming about your ex right!? Your new relationship is SO MUCH BETTER, so why would you think your man is hung up on his?

Hell no you shouldn’t be worrying about his ex

9. She’s not in your relationship.

So don’t let her get in the way.

10. There is a reason she is his ex. He is with you now. So calm your stalking!

Reasons you shouldn’t be worrying about his ex

Ladies, of course this list only applies to worthy guys. If you can't trust him, what are you doing with him anyhow?!

Reasons you shouldn’t be worrying about his ex

Words: Frances van Eeden