Why we're so over the Kardashian Jenners

Written by Jessica Lunan

It’s the party that everyone wishes they had an invite to, yet we’re over here being like, seriously?

As the entire world knows, thanks to Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat, it was her Summer Suprises party over the weekend and of course that meant a King Ky worthy party.

If you stayed up to date with the Snapchats by the Kardashian Jenner sisters, you would know that there was a whole lot of krazinesss going on. But are we the only ones who is getting over the klan (especially Khloe) making everything so.... sexual?!

Here’s everything you missed if you’re lucky enough not to be sucked into the addictive lives of the Kardashian-Jenners (please help us).

Kylie Cosmetics everything

We get that Kylie has one of the most successful cosmetic brands in the world at the moment, and we love her lip kits. But is it necessary for everything to be Kylie Cosmetic themed?

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The kake

That brings us to the cake which was a replica of Kylie’s infamous lips. Was it only us who thought it was something else...? Don't make us say it.

Khlo money

Khloe has always been our fave sister, but lately her overtly sexual behaviour has just been getting a bit too much for us. From seductively licking the icing off the cake (not that it needed any more help there), stating Kylie was a “rich bitch” in her birthday speech, to taking a snap of Kourtney peeing... Khloe, please calm down.

Kimmy K debut

Never the one to be ever overshadowed by her sisters, Kim launched a brand new asymmetrical bob, which looks incredible! Meanwhile Khloe sported her usual braids with interesting purple streaks. With the colour supposedly symbolising sexual frustration, maybe that explains Khloe’s behaviour as of late?

Tyga make out sesh

We get it you’re young and in love. But please stop making out every two seconds on your Snapchat. Please and thank you.