Tyga ordered to pay $250,000 for trashing mansion

Lifestyles of the rich and famous seem...messy.

We already know King Ky’s nineteenth birthday celebrations were marred by news of Tyga’s imminent arrest. He was facing massive bills for damage to a property and then, genius that he is, skipped his court date.

What came next must have exasperated the whole Klan. Tyga has been ordered to pay around $250,000 in damages after trashing a SECOND home he was renting. That’s right – he’s done it again!

This time he reportedly used the home as a base for Egypt Last Kings, his own clothing line. Note to self: if you’re going to run a clothing line from home, don’t pour ink down the drain à la Tyga.

For the Klan’s inner circle, it’s not just about keeping up with the Kardashians – it’s also about keeping up appearances. Surely Kylie is sick of her wild rapper boyfriend cramping her style? No one likes to be associated with the guy who never gets his bond deposit back. And we wonder what momager Kris Jenner has to say about Tyga’s antics. It’s every mother’s dream to have a house-destroying son-in-law...

Poor Kylie. Newly nineteen and her boyfriend might go to jail. He only made matters worse for himself by claiming to be unable to pay off his first debt of $500,000 and then buying Kylie a $250,000 Mercedes Maybach as a birthday gift.


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Needless to say, his former landlord wasn’t pleased, and he told the court. Let’s just hope for Kylie’s sake that the Merc isn’t repossessed to cover Tyga’s debts. You know, it’s not like Kylie has anything else to drive. (Jks, how many cars has she got now? A fleet?)

Tyga, are you competing with Kanye to see who can get into the most debt? Because seriously, the badly-behaved rapper thing is a bit clichéd.

Words: Hanna Sloan