The rumours are true: Brangelina are over!

Who will be our couplegoals now?

The unthinkable has happened. Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce against Brad Pitt, ending a twelve-year relationship and a two-year marriage. The world is in shock and so are we! They seemed like the ultimate power couple for a while there. But rumours started to swirl about Pitt and his Allied co-star, Marion Cotillard, who reportedly had “insane chemistry” together on set.

It seems Brad is up to his old tricks! After all, he and Angie fell in love on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith back in 2004 – while Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston. Whether you’re Team Angie or Team Jen, you can’t help but feel sad for Angie right now. She allegedly hired a private investigator to spy on Brad on the Allied set to find out if he was being faithful. Some would call that paranoid, but we guess she had good reason to be!

Marion Cotillard is said to be very upset that she is linked with the divorce news, claiming to be perfectly happy in her relationship with fellow actor Guillame Canet.

We wondered a few months ago if Brangelina were headed for splitsville, and now we know they were. Brad’s suspected infidelity isn’t the only possible reason though. There are claims that Brad has some substance abuse problems, which undoubtedly would cause a few fights!

But the fact that Angie has requested sole physical custody of the couple’s six children has us all wondering if the rumours about Brad’s questionable parenting have any truth to them. Apparently the pair just couldn’t agree on the right way to raise their kids. Angie has, however, requested visitation rights for Brad. The splitting pair are publicly making it clear that their primary concern right now is getting their kids through this tough time.

If the cheating rumours are true, maybe Angie should have kept a closer eye on Brad. Maybe she always wondered if it would happen.

Whatever the true reason, this sucks. Another #couplegoals Hollywood pair has split and left us wondering: if Mr and Mrs Smith can’t make it, who can?

Words: Hanna Sloan