The rise of superstar, Selena Gomez

It's the power of personality - Selena Gomez is more than the internet's favourite face...

It's the power of personality - Selena Gomez is more than the internet's favourite face...

Earlier this year we witnessed Selena Gomez in a stellar performance in Bad Neighbours 2, and now in the trailer for her new movie The Fundamentals of Caring has been released and we're all totally obsessed!

As we sit here drooling over how gosh darn cute she is, it begins to raise the question... why does everybody love and adore Selena so much?

She's the most followed person on Instagram, with a measly 81.4 million and counting. This is four times the population of Australia, or a few million more than the whole of Germany - wowzers.

Sure her babyface features and cute husky voice would have something to do with it... but it seems there is a lot more behind her success and the ways in which she influences others.

She is heavily involved with multiple charities, and has granted that many Make-A-Wish requests that the organisation gave her a special award to show their appreciation.

This means she happily juggles being a movie star, an international pop queen with a world-wide tour, a social life with her uber cool besties like Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid, along with being a major philanthropist.

If we complain about not having enough time to go to the gym in the morning I think we need to re-think a few things.


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As we all know, Selena has been trapped in a very public pop-culture soap opera since 2009 with her equally as famous ex-beau Beiber.

Although in many ways this relationship defines her, it shows young women all around the world that no matter what happens or how badly you're hurt, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

She has survived the car wreck of child fame, the trolls and the paparazzi, that very public relationship (and break up)... and has emerged from it seemingly more human than ever.

“She loves her fans and constantly promotes self-confidence and being kind to one another.” says one of her fans, a Selanator.

In a recent performance of “Who Says”, a song devoted to loving who you are... her fans scream the lyrics back to her which brings her to tears.

In an era of nude picture scandals, sex tapes and copious drug use, Selena Gomez stands out at being completely different from many of her young Hollywood cohorts.

She's responsible, honest and positive... it just goes to show how powerful personality really is.

Words: Alex Scoffell