Boy stars in Moschino Barbie ad and it's causing controversy

Written by Jessica Lunan

2015 has been filled with numerous gender debates, with Bruce Jenner’s transition and marriage equality being passed almost all over the world. Now, the toy-world seems to be finally catching on to the children gender debate, with the first boy being cast into the Barbie campaign for the designer Moschino Barbie, which has sold out within the first hour of it's release (is it bad that we want one for ourselves?).

Whilst it’s probably one of the most adorable ads that we have seen this year, especially as we can’t handle the cuteness when the boy states that Moschino Barbie is “so fierce”, we do feel intrigued behind Mattel’s decision to finally promote Barbie as a gender neutral brand.

First of all, why has it taken so long to finally include a young boy into the advertisements? Secondly, while we love the campaign, we can’t help but to feel quite torn that the sexuality of the young boy is being so heavily promoted. It has us questioning whether or not he was told to create an absolute fabulous, fierce persona, which in turn might make other young boys feel that they can only act this way to be able to play with barbies.


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Yes, we can acknowledge that Barbie is promoting gender equality through this campaign but maybe Mattel should be considering the impact her unattainable image and unrealistic bodyshape has on young girls. Maybe their priorities aren't in order?

Lastly, we can’t help but wonder what’s next for the brand. What are your thoughts? {jcomments on}