The Fifty Shades Darker teaser trailer is so sexy

Written by Jessica Lunan

We admit we're trying not to drool on our keyboard.

We feel like we have turned old and Grey (sorry, that pun is just as bad as we expected) for the sequel to the cheeky Fifty Shades Of Grey film. But now you can thank your lucky stars because a teaser has just been released for Fifty Shades Darker.

The teaser was shared on the films twitter page and we can’t believe how incredible Christian, played by Jamie Dornan (our ultimate crush, TBH) and Anastasia, played by Dakota Johnson, look!

And from the 19 second teaser we can confirm that the sequel is set to be just as sexy as the first. Complete with fireworks, heels and a mysterious masquerade ball. Did we mention how good Christian Grey looks? Yes? Our bad *heart eyes*.

The complete worldwide trailer is set to debut in the coming hours. And yep, our obsession with Jamie Dornan is starting all over again.