Selena says sorry after Justin deletes Insta

Brunch photo, selfie...wait, where’s Justin?!

Brunch photo, selfie...wait, where’s Justin?!

So the Justin Bieber Instagram saga continues! After the popstar announced plans to make his profile private to protect his new girlfriend from hate (which, to be fair, is pretty sweet), his ex Selena Gomez clapped back.

Gomez advised Biebs “If you can’t handle the hate then stop posting pictures of your girlfriend lol”. We all cheered because who doesn’t love the idea of slaying their ex?

Maybe we never really believed Justin would make his account private – let’s be real, after all his recent social media tantrums, we weren’t taking anything he said too seriously.

However, now we’ve seen a plot twist of epic proportions. The Biebs has shocked some 77 million followers by deleting his Instagram account. Gone! No traces of his moody stare remain on the platform.

Amidst the resulting fan outrage, plans for a retaliatory social media blackout have emerged, including a now-viral meme saying “Doing this, we hope Justin realizes that we are truly hurt by the things he told us.”

And don’t worry, Selena hasn’t stayed quiet following this development – but she has backed down.

Not long after Justin deleted his Instagram, Selena posted a Snap stating simply “What I said was selfish and pointless.”

Brunch photo, selfie...wait, where’s Justin?!

Is this her way of apologising? Maybe she’s regretting all the fun she had winding him up.

Justin seems easy enough to set off on a rant, much like his good buddy Kanye. But maybe the next time the Biebs has a tantrum, we shouldn’t just see it as empty threats.

What will the tatted brat delete next? And will he eventually return to Instagram now that he has proven he means business?

Not coming back? Justin, what do you mean?

Written by Hanna Sloan