Rob Kardashian's baby shower revenge

Not cool, dude.

Imagine you’re becoming a parent soon and your sisters throw you a baby shower. Despite a patchy past with your sisters, you’re touched by the gesture, right? Well, Rob Kardashian sure has a funny way of showing his gratitude.

Yesterday Rob Tweeted little sister Kylie’s phone number in an act of revenge. Revenge for what?! Well, apparently the Klan threw a baby shower for Rob…and didn’t invite baby mama Blac Chyna.

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Yeah, a baby shower without the mum-to-be is a little weird. This certainly doesn’t tie in with Kylie’s Snapchats earlier this year claiming to be “best friends” with Blac! Nor does it seem to prove the sisters were genuine in their delight at the gender reveal.

Not cool, dude.

So we can totally understand Rob would be unhappy about this. But, Tweeting his little sister’s phone number? That’s going a bit too far.

King Kylie would have been absolutely bombarded with fan calls and texts! Her number has already been disconnected. Super inconvenient (and now we can’t call her and thank her for the genius that is her lip kits).

The reason for Blac not receiving an invitation? Blac and Rob have actually split up !Despite the pair starring in recently-premiered reality series Rob & Chyna, and Blac’s due date looming, they are no longer together. So Blac Chyna approved of the Kardashian-Jenners’ idea to have separate showers. Rob didn’t know this though, so when he found out his baby shower on Monday was to be Chyna-free, he boycotted and took to Twitter to call out his sisters and get revenge!

Poor Kylie tried to do something nice and got totally burned. We bet Rob feels bad for his outburst! Now we’re just waiting on his apology Tweet. Should we hold our breath?

Words: Hanna Sloan