Ray J spills on the leak of Kim's sex tape

Ray J spills on the leak of Kim's sex tape

It’s been a never ending debate on who leaked Queen Kimmy’s sex tape. But just when we thought the speculations were starting to settle, Kim’s past lover and former co-star in the scandalous sex tape, Ray J revealed that mumma bear Kris Jenner was in fact the culprit.

There’s nothing like having a loving, encouraging mother, but one that leaks her daughter’s sex tape? Ehh...that can’t be right?

Because Ray J hasn’t revealed enough already... he opened up in an interview with Heat claiming that Kris Jenner is a “a true hustler” and that she basically leaked the tape to make Kim-K famous (only second to Paris Hilton's scandal of course).

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Although Ray is living the high life and is happily married to Princess Love, he pulled at the stitches of the gritty deets of his old love affair with Kim. He said that she was ‘obsessed with fame’ and he only did his part (so part one or two of the tape Ray?).


Ray proclaimed in the interview that “If you’re intelligent you can read between the lines” (are these lines censored and R rated? Who knows).

So whether or not Ray J is telling the truth, or if it’s just more conspiracy to keep the issue alive - I guess we won’t ever really know for sure. But one thing is for sure, Kim's brand is thriving, her booty is still #goals and we will always (we mean ALWAYS) have to try and keep up with the Kardashians.

Words: Grace Holgate