Kardashian lip kits rivals Kylie Cosmetics

Written by Jessica Lunan

A little bit of sibling rivalry is always healthy, but we’re not too sure if the golden Kardashian trio have stepped a little too far over the line.

Kardashian's stole Kylie's lip kit

Kylie Jenner is renowned for her lips, and more importantly, her lip kits. Whilst she has received some bad press about malfunctions over her immortalised lip kits (who can ever forget when the Kylie Cosmetics scam leaked consumers details?!) her lip kits continue to sell out within minutes time and time again.

However, now Kylie’s older sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe seem to be trying to steal their little sis’ fame by jumping on the lip trend too. Kardashian Beauty have announced they are releasing their own line of matte lip colours.

And what’s even more scandalous, the Mirror Matte Lip Colours for Kardashian Beauty features the dusty nudes that Kylie Cosmetics are renowned for.


A photo posted by Kylie Cosmetics (@kyliecosmetics) on

However, we can’t help but think that the packaging of the Kardashians lip colours look a whole lot cheaper than Kylie’s Lip Kit. Also, who else remembers when Kim asked Kylie for a crash course on being cool? Yup, we suspect major copy-cat syndrome right here.

(Can we also just take a moment to say how much all the girls featured on the Kardashian Beauty Instagram look like a Kardashian?!)

We wonder if the Mirror Matte Lip Colours will be as popular as Kylie’s Lip Kits?

Liam Hemsworth confirms engagement

Written by Jessica Lunan

Liam Hemsworth has finally, well kind of, confirmed the he and Miley Cyrus are engaged!

Liam Hemsworth has confirmed engagement to Miley Cyrus

There has been plenty of speculation about the status of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s relationship. The newly rekindled flame were first spotted ringing in the new year together at Australia’s Falls Festival, and since then there’s been plenty of sightings of Miley wearing a diamond ring and rumours that they’ve bought a house together near Liam’s brother, Chris Hemsworth's, mansion home in Malibu.

However, Liam, who usually keeps his relationship with Miley on the hush hush, spoke out about his relationship with the pop star to Australia’s GQ.

“(Our split) was actually a good decision at the time... we were both going in different directions and it's just what needed to happen. We were both super young... we both needed that."

When posed with questions about whether the couple are now re-engaged, Liam mysteriously confirmed the allegations.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsowrth engaged

"People will figure it out, they already have... they're not dumb,” said Liam.

"I guess when I feel something, then I just feel it and I go for it. I make my decisions about what's going to make me happy, what I think is right, and what I want to do and I don't worry too much outside of that."

Ooh la la! We’re going to take that as a yes!

Rihanna's outrageous green outfits

Rihanna steps out in two, questionable, green ensembles.

In the past few days, our eyes have been subjected to not just one, but two, show stopping Rihanna outfits. Green, being the colour of choice poses us with one, blaringly obvious question: WHY?

We're all for going green, from our juices to our garbage, but our dresses? Not so much. Not only were they green, but quite curious in their designs to boot. The first, a sheer lace ensemble - yet another testament to her involvement in the Free the Nipple campaign. This was followed up with none other than a lime green tutu of sorts.


A photo posted by Rihanna Follows (@therih.up) on


A photo posted by Rihanna Follows (@therih.up) on

We really can't wrap our heads around why RiRi has made these quirky, style choices, but we can't deny the facts: if anyone can pull it off, it's her. She never fails to leave us green with envy at her unparalleled ability to rock just about any ensemble (remember last year's Met Gala disaster?), but it's safe to say that this is one trend we won't be trying any time soon.

Words: Sophie Catsoulis

Breaking: Brangelina headed for splitsville

Written by Jessica Lunan

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are heading for divorce!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorcing

It’s definitely been an A-lister divorce filled day! Earlier we announced the shock divorce of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Now, Women’s Weekly has just announced that Hollywood's power couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are headed for splitsville. We can’t bear the news!

According to Women’s Weekly, a source told OK Magazine that the split is due to "explosive fights" over infidelity and Ange’s deteriorating health.

“For a while, the excitement of getting married masked their troubles. But lately they’ve been having explosive fights. Neither of them is sure that they can, or should hang on anymore,” the source confessed.

The source continues to declare that the eternal creature of habit, Brad, is back to his old habits and cheating with his current co-star, Marion Cotillard. And what’s worse, Angelina's health is down to a whole new low.

Brangelina headed for splitsville

“(Angelina) barely eats, she guzzles wine every night and she smokes constantly... Brad is exhausted from spending so much energy trying to get her to take better care of herself,” said the source.

While this goss is inevitably juicy, we’re crossing our fingers that it isn’t true!

However, we understand that if Brad has cheated once it would always be at the back of Ange’s mind. After all, a cheater never loses their spots.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard shock divorce

Written by Jessica Lunan

Johnny Depp and and Amber Heard have just announced their shock divorce after just 15 months of marriage.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard award ceremony

It’s been an intense couple of months for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Between travelling to Australia for the legal case over their adorable pooches; countless of TV show appearances by Depp, as well as his mother passing away just days ago- and now the shock divorce news!

According to TMZ, the split is due to irreconcilable differences. Apparently the once star-crossed lovers married with no prenup, and Heard had been asking for spousal support prior to the divorce.

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What’s worse is that Heard delivered the documents just 3 days after Depp’s mother passed away. Talk about harsh!

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard breaking up

While there has been visible awkwardness between the couple (remember that tense apology video for smuggling their dogs into Australia?!), E News has cited that the split is due to their 22 year age gap.

Regardless of the cause, we just hope that the custody over Pistol and Boo is settled quickly!

Jay Z responds to Beyonce's Lemonade drama

Stop everything...

Jay Z has just (kind of) responded to Beyonce's infamous Lemonade Album.


There's no need to raise your hand slowly and admit it. We all partook in the digital hunt to find 'Becky with the good hair'. Though many accusations have been made, it still remains a mystery as to who and what Queen Bey was trying to tell us.

So the question lingers - was Jay Z actually disloyal or is this all just a hugely intelligent, mindbogglingly scandalous campaign to attract attention to the power couple's streaming label, Tidal?

When Beyonce unexpectedly dropped Lemonade, the entire world went into meltdown mode. Fans and non-Tidal subscribers wanted to see, hear and experience the hype but unless we chose to sign up to the streaming app, we all painfully patiently waited for it to eventually appear on iTunes.

This was a smart move because statistics show that the Lemonade release alone generated almost 2 million new subscribers who, after their 30 day free trial, had to pay approximately $16.99AUD monthly. Genius.

Jay Z's new (response) song is a remix of Fat Joe and Remy Ma's hit 'All the Way Up', and also features French Montana and Infrared. In the song, Jay Z address the rumours and references Beyonce's controversial album, the state of their marriage and that elevator incident.

Of course the song is also only able to be heard on Tidal... which is either going to create more sales for the business or make those who signed up for Tidal a few weeks ago feel way more in the loop than anybody else.

It's pretty vague, so we as gossip hungry fans can all come to conclusions without ever knowing the real truth... sound familiar?

“You know you made it when the fact/Your marriage made it is worth millions / Lemonade is a popular drink and it still is/Survival of the littest/We never gonna let the elevator take us down!”

There are rumours flying around that his entire rebuttal to the album will be in music form, instead of traditional press releases or social media statements. Our guess? The only place to see it first will be Tidal (surprise surprise).

Words: Alex Scoffell

Kanye goes on yet another rant and it's painful

Rapper, Kanye West rants for 8 minutes on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

Rapper, Kanye West rants for 8 minutes on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

Ah, Kanye. For many of us, his unintelligible tweets are a constant source of amusement. Known more for his politics than his music, the rapper (and husband to reality mogul, Kim Kardashian), is no stranger to the tabloids.

Whether he's upstaging our girl, Taylor Swift, or asking Mark Zuckerburg for copious amounts of cash (on the wrong social media platform), 'Ye always seems to be in strife. The latest development? During a recent appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, he is said to have gone on another rant, preaching to the audience (and a bewildered Ellen) for 8 whole minutes.

Honestly, most of what he says is complete jibberish. But the main message we're hearing is that he can save the world (with a little extra funding of course). Modest isn't he!

We have to wonder what the Kardashians think about all this drama! Although, any publicity is good publicity, right girls?

Watch the video below. 

Words: Sophie Catsoulis

Teen slays in DIY Beyonce inspired prom dress

US Teenager creates her own version of Bey's Met Gala gown

Last year, Queen Bey graced the red carpet at the Met Gala in a show stopping Givenchy creation. In usual Beyonce style, she opted for a sheer, figure hugging, embellished gown that still has us talking, a year after she wore it.


A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

India Ross, a St Louis high school senior, and loyal member of the 'Beyhive' decided that she too, wanted to turn heads at her prom, and incredibly, managed to construct a similar dress.


A photo posted by India Ross (@iamindiaross) on

Inspired by her idol, India sourced affordable materials from Walmart and eBay alike and the result was amazing.


A photo posted by India Ross (@iamindiaross) on

The internet has gone crazy over the striking resemblance between the gowns and despite the usual array of haters, social media has applauded her for her creativity and style.


A photo posted by India Ross (@iamindiaross) on

Hoping to study fashion design after her graduation, here's hoping that Bey herself stumbles across these pictures and throws her a line. Who knows, maybe India will be designing the real deal sooner than she thinks!

Words: Sophie Catsoulis

Emilia Clarke on her latest G.O.T nudity scene

Emilia Clarke speaks up on her latest Game of Thrones (GOT) nudity scene and how the women of the show have to constantly deal with the suppressed misogyny of a Medieval society and seek ways to overcome adversity.

Emilia Clarke speaks up about Game of Thrones nudity scene

Don't fret people, there are no spoilers in this article, but can we talk about the total girl-power from our favourite medieval hero, Daenery's Targaryen.

Every GOT fan knows nudity and sexism is just part of the show. The last time Emilia Clarke took her clothes off for the camera was way back in season three... and if we all have a think about how achingly long it feels to wait between each season, that was quite some time ago.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Clarke explained her excitement of burning the house down (literally) with a nudity scene that was both 'lit' and 'total fire' (absolutely no pun intended).

“This is all me, all proud, all strong. I'm just feeling genuinely happy I said 'yes.' That ain't no body double!” she said, “it's so exciting, very tingly-making. Every season I get at least one spine-chilling moment.”

Clarke all proud and all strong has us thinking YAS KWEEN!

Some fans and media outlets in the past have falsely claimed Clarke has a distaste for nudity on the show. Clarke corrected this in an Intagram post saying “if a nude scene forwards a story or in shot in a way that adds insight into the characters, i'm perfectly fine with it.”

In a perfect portrayal of the rise of feminism, you've seen her be attacked by her brother, raped by her husband and then turn around and say 'screw all of you, I'm going to rule the world now'. She just so happens to be naked whilst doing it, which makes it all the more moving.

Clarke is also an advocate for the #freethepeen movement, where she encourages more men in film to be subject to full-frontal nudity just as women are.

GOT has always stood out for it's feminism, as all the women, not just Daenerys, have to constantly deal with the suppressed misogyny of a Medieval society and seek ways to overcome adversity.

The bravery of Brienne, Arya and Ygritte surpassed that of their male counterparts. The craftiness of Cersei, Maergery and the Red Woman have men wrapped around their fingers (muhahah).

Not to mention the fact in this week's episode, Daenerys showed us all that she doesn't need her dragons by her side to be powerful, she proved that this woman is exactly the type of person that could sit on the iron throne.

Words: Alex Scoffell

Kylie Jenner and Tyga no more? We can't keep up!

Are Kylie Jenner and Tyga finally done for good?

Kylie Jenner & Tyga - have they broken up again? This relationship is hard to keep up with!

Yet another addition to the impossibly complex Kardashian-Jenner saga has arisen this morning with the news that the youngest member of the klan, Kylie Jenner has offically ended things with her long-time beau, rapper, Tyga.

This news comes as a shock to Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans who were just getting their heads around the possibility of Kylie being both stepmother and aunty to brother Rob's baby to be (don't ask).

Sure, the two have had their ups and downs over the years, but after Tyga showcased his pretty much permanent expression of his love for Ky (a tattoo of her name none the less), we let ourselves think the pair were here to stay.

The couple is said to have gone their seperate ways several weeks ago, before the Met Gala to be exact. This definitely explains their decision not to walk the red carpet together, but we have to say we didn't see this coming.

Here's hoping these two can work things out, we're not sure how family dinners will look if they don't – talk about awkward.

Words: Sophie Catsoulis


Justin Bieber announced he's done taking pics

Written by Jessica Lunan

Beliebers' across the globe are desperately asking what do you mean? After Justin Bieber announced he’s done taking photos with fans.

Justin Beiber smiling with glasses

If you happen to run into Justin Bieber when you’re out and about, you will be disappointed (or perhaps not) to find out that the mega star will no longer be taking pictures with fans.

Taking to Instagram to express his #feels, there was not a sorry in sight when Bieber stated that he feels like a “zoo animal” when asked for photos, and that fans “don’t even say hi”.


A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Earlier this year Bieber announced that he was cancelling his world tour's meet-and-greets due to them making him feel "unhappy and drained". We can't help but wonder if the fame game is finally getting to him.

However, while Biebers' questionable behaviour often gives him a bad rap, we understand that the constant spotlight would get exhausting.

The announcement came just hours after the news of ex flame; Selena Gomez was spotted getting a little too close for comfort with Biebers' nemesis Orlando Bloom.

Could this be a way for Bieber to vent his Selena and Orlando frustrations?

Selena Gomez and Orlando Blooms' serious PDA

Written by Jessica Lunan

It was clear that Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom couldn’t keep their hands to themselves (see what we did there) after Bloom surprised the young pop star at an LA night club.

Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez

According to TMZ, the pair got a little too close for comfort in a private booth, complete with neck nuzzling and embracing between the 23 year old Gomez and 39 year old Bloom.


This isn’t the first time that the pair have been rumoured to be together. In 2014 the couple were spotted getting cosy at a concert after Gomez' then boyfriend, Justin Beiber, and Bloom's then wife, Miranda Kerr, got flirty back stage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

We’re not too sure what this means for Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, who wore matching Tamagotchi’s at this year’s Met Gala after party, and took a romantic getaway in Hawaii earlier this year (who can forget that loud shirt).

However, TMZ did report that Gomez went back to her hotel room alone, so there’s still hope for Perry and Bloom. We mean matching Tamagotchi’s is a definite sign of lasting love, right?