North West shuts down photographers with serious sass

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North West has been trained by the best (A.K.A. Kimye) on how to handle the chaos which comes with being born into an oh-so-famous family. Her life since birth has involved being swarmed by the paparazzi and regardless of the perks she is just a child and she needs her space!

That is why on her way to a ballet class, the two-year-old wasn't going to put up with the hoards of flashing cameras and out of frustration voiced her opinion for privacy.

"I said no pictures," stated the strong, sassy, little diva.


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Mixed reactions to the video have left fans turning to Twitter to discuss how 'heartbreaking' it is to see a child shutting down adults.

Do you think it's unfair that the Paparazzi wouldn't leave North West alone? {jcomments on}