Mariah Carey's brother lashes out & labels her a 'witch'

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Mariah Carey shakes her head at drama

Family feuds always cause an awkward tension for those involved. But when you're an international superstar and your family drama is out in the public-sphere, it can be a little.. well a lot.. more than just awkward!

Mariah Carey's brother, Morgan Carey, has publicly slammed the singer in an interview for The Sun for reportedly abandoning their older sister, who is struggling to survive with HIV.

Alison Carey (Mariah's older sister, 54) fell ill last year with HIV, but recently has been told by medical professionals that she needs brain and spinal surgery, urgently.

Morgan reached out to Mariah in order to receive hospital compensation for their dying sister - but Mariah has flatly refused to pay.


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The defensive brother told The Sun that “She probably spends more money on dog food than it would cost to make sure her sister gets properly cared for” calling her “heartless”and labelling her as a “witch”.

What a month for Mariah.. a public family feud and plans for a reality television show just days apart.. it all seems almost strategic?

Surely someone couldn't be trying to give themselves a little publicity boost (cough..)? Or maybe it was simply a cold hearted attack from her brother, that's how it all appears from our rose-tinted glasses- but one can never be sure!

While we do think it's harsh that Mariah denied to pay for her sister's medical care, we can't help but presume there must be a little bit more hidden under the surface and that this isn't the first time there has been drama simmering in the Carey pot.

Words: Isla Perrett