Looks like Tyga is going to jail on Kylie's bday

Written by Jessica Lunan

This is one birthday gift that Kylie didn't see coming. 

This is one birthday gift that Kylie didn't see coming.

Before we get into the latest scoop we just want to apologise for our konstant (see what we did there) Kardashian Jenner coverage. As much as we’re over them, we can't stop keeping up with the news of the forever famed family!

The latest drama is that it looks like Kylie's rapper boyfriend, Tyga, is going to jail. And this is all happening on Kylie’s 19th birthday (HB btw Ky).

Remember that $250, 000 car that Tyga (we’re still trying to master saying his name like the Kardashian Klan do) bought Kylie for her birthday this year? (Which adds to the collection of cars that the rapper has gifted her- we would like a new car too, Tyga!)

Well it looks like it might just land him in jail!


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A warrant for Tyga’s arrest has been issued as he failed to appear in court over his legal battle with a landlord. Apparently Tyga owes more than $500,000 for a Malibu home that he previously rented.

But how does Kylie’s car come into this? Well it proves that Tyga does have the money to pay off his debts, and by not showing up to court it has resulted in one very peeved off judge.

All we have to say is poor Kylie. Your boyfriend landing in jail is definitely not the birthday gift you want to wake up to.