Kylie Jenner hacked and played it off 'oh so cool'

First Katy Perry and now Kylie Jenner... the twitter hacking mastermind is on another rampage!

Kylie Jenner hacked and played it off 'oh so cool'

King Kylie’s 16 million twitter followers were confronted with a series of offensive messages from her account on Sunday.

Another tweet involved bad boy and resident heart throb JB: “I want your C*** @justinbeiber”. To be honest if we had the opportunity to speak on a celebrity’s twitter account... we would be a little more imaginative.

The tweets were very rude and didn’t make much sense, making it very clear that it wasn’t Kylie typing, but rather a sneaky imposter. Instead of immediately delete the tweets, the 18 year old responded via snap chat with a very care free, chill AF attitude.

She did a great job at rising above and making fun of the situation rather than making a huge deal out of it – a perfect response if you ask us.

“So my twitter was hacked and I don’t really care, I’m just letting him have fun,” she said to the camera.

She also spoke about the alleged ‘sex tape’ with Tyga and shut that down immediately, saying “you are never going to see a sex tape from me. It’s not going to happen”.

The hacker @lolsw4y, has now had their account deactivated. It is the same person who last week attacked Katy Perry... we wonder who their next target is!?

Words: Alex Scoffell