Kylie Jenner accused of a having boob job

Written by Jessica Lunan

It's not just her lips that we're taking notice of!

Kylie Jenner is renowned for her lips, and has even announced that yes, she does get lip fillers to achieve her perfect pout (or scary pout, however you want to put it). But now her lips have been put on the back burner, and it’s the youngest Kardashian-Jenner’s bust that is under wide speculation.

The Queen of Snapchat appeared on the app in a very revealing top, and dare we say it her bazookas are quite noticeably HUGE! This has of course resulted in a total social media meltdown with fans accusing the reality star of faking her food poisoning from the other day and was in fact having a boob job.

It’s no question that the Karadshian-Jenners love to dabble in plastic surgery, and in the past Kylie has stated that she hasn’t had any surgery on her mammary’s. After we spent a lengthy number of minutes seriously ogling at her breasts to unveil #TheTruth, we found ourselves wondering why do we care so much?

Regardless of if she has gotten a boob job or not, we can’t help but feel that Kylie is turning into the new Kim. Perhaps her overtly sexual older sisters haven’t been the best role models for young reality-star.

There's no doubt that Kylie has always had the curves, but if she has had a boob job, we encourage her to own up to it and flaunt it! Don’t be ashamed, girl!

What do you guys think? Has she gotten a boob job? Is it just the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell bra working wonders (and we need to get one ASAP)? Is it contouring? Is Kylie going to bring out a new range of bras to match her lip kits?

These are the serious questions that we need answers to, pronto! (In other words, please save us from this KUWTK prison we’ve created for ourselves!)