Kim Kardashian's Kimoji App crashes Apple and panics digisphere

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Kim Kardashian has done it again. Her booty has broken the internet! Well, kind of.

Over a year ago, Kim skillfully balanced a champagne glass on her behind for the winter issue of Paper Magazine. It sent the world in a gawking panic as nobody could take their eyes off her derrière.

Today, she broke Apple with her emoji booty and all the rest of it. Her 'Kimoji' keyboard features cartoon depictions of her most famous looks. You can now send Kim's crying face, her boobs, her booty, condoms, a waist trainer and so much more to your friends and family?!



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Though, to be able to spread the Kim language, fans have to download her app and pay $1.99.

According to TMZ, at one point today her app was getting 9,000 people downloading it per millisecond! No wonder the App Store crashed.

But of course, Kim was quickly on hand to comfort all and brag apologise that she once again broke the internet.