Kim Kardashian dominates in latex for sexy new shoot

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Latex, sultry, sexy and wet. Those four words pretty much sum up Kim Kardashian's latest PVC, photoshoot for her new app and website.

The reality TV star sports a bra-bodice, high waisted briefs and suspenders while taking an outdoor shower beachside in one of her favourite snaps.


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She definitely has a way of embracing and celebrating her curves. But all that latex and beachside glam isn't enough for her to hit number one on iTunes.

As you know, the Kardashian and Jenner clan are competing for the top spot with downloads for their new app. And to Kim's surprise, Kylie Jenner dominated with over 1.75 million users in the first week while Kim only had 477,000. We're wondering if this dominatrix-styled shoot is a silent message of plans to redeem herself?


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The latex photoshoot was shot by photographer Steven Gomilion. And comparing the collection to her previous booty baring images, these snaps actually seem more high fashion than shocking.

Of course, we love Kimmy but we're wondering how she's coping with not being the centre of attention? She might need to watch out, because Kylie seems to be stealing the spotlight.