Kim Kardashian attacked by the same guy as Gigi

Written by Jessica Lunan

What, what?

If you’re still reeling from that disturbing incident where Gigi Hadid was manhandled by serial celeb harasser, Vitalii Sediuk, last week at Milan Fashion, well we have news for you. Kim Kardashian was has just been assaulted by, you guessed it, the same guy!

Sediuk seems to be on a celeb harassing escapade, ditching Milan to lurk around Paris to pester any celeb he sees. Unfortunately, Kimmy was in his destructive path as she walked from her car and passed a group of paparazzi and fans.

In a split second Sediuk runs out from the crowd and kisses Kim’s famous derrière. Wait, what? When is he going to go to jail already?!


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Unlike poor Gigi who was left to defend herself, Kim’s bodyguards acted quickly, tackling him to the ground with Kim quickly stepping to safety.

Recovering from the incident, Kimmy tweeted out her respect for her bodyguards.

What’s shocking is that this isn’t the first time Kim has been attacked by Sediuk! In 2014 the reality star was tackled while on her way to the Balmain presentation at Paris Fashion Week.

Talk about crazy! While celebrities, especially the Kardashians, live with their whole life on display, it doesn’t give anyone the right to inappropriately grab or touch someone without their permission.

We wonder if Kim will receive the same backlash that poor Gigi has?