Khloe admits she's happy during Kim's breakups

Written by Jessica Lunan

khloehapyImage: source.

Our fave sister of the Kardashian klan, Khloe, has admitted that she’d always have a little confidence boost whenever her older sis, Kim Kardashian, would go through a breakup.

Renowned for her brutal honesty, Khlo Money got real on her reality show, Revenge Body, about her past self-esteem issues. Opening up to a contestant, Khlo revealed that when growing up, her older sis’ beauty and multitude of relationships would often leave young Khloe feeling down on herself.


“I remember when I was younger, Kim is like the most beautiful person, never had weight issues, like I don’t feel sorry for her, ever,” stated Khloe.

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“Any guy she would break up with she was like ‘Who’s going to love me?’... I’m like ‘Shut the f#@k up!’ It always used to make me feel a little good. I’m like ‘Well if Kim feels that way then I’m ok that I feel that way. I used to be like, ‘Ok, I’m sorry you’re not feeling good Kim.’ ‘Yes! I know I’m not alone,” stated Khloe.

In the past, Khloe had always been blasted in the media for her weight compared to her petite sisters. But thanks to her incredible body transformation in 2015, she has quickly become our all time #fitspo. Yet, it’s refreshing to know that there’s someone out there who understands the fitness struggle.

Hey, we’re all guilty of suffering from the green-eyed monster from time to time!